Seawater Flake Ice Machine/ Ice Maker /Ice Making Machine

Model NO.: ZFIV-60K
Ice Shape: Flake Ice
Application Fields: Food Processing
Certification: ISO, CE, BV, CCS, Dnv
Condition: New
Casing: Stainless Steel
Ice Thickness: 1.5mm~2.2mm
Output: 200kg~30t
Type: Integral or Split
Input Power: 380W
Trademark: Zeniya
Transport Package: Polywood
Specification: 1700*1700*1530
Origin: China

Configuration: The design meets with the standard of the classification society. The use of one or more Bitzer (oil) semi-hermetic piston compressor accords with sea water cooling and sea water condenser. All parts are welded together. So it is strong enough to run normally even in a pitching and rolling ship.

Features: Designed for navigation system operation, it overcome the seawater corrosion and the ship's pitch

Flake ice: Irregular ice flakes with size about 40×40mm and thickness around 1.5-2.5mm.

Features: The thin ice can be directly used for stirring and mixing refrigerated materials;
No acute edges and corners so it will not damage the surface of the cooled object;
Large contact area and fast cooling speed;
Easy to crush and mold.

Application fields: Concrete mixing plants, chemical plants, mine cooling, skiing ground, medicine, aquatic food and so on.
Internally-scraping ice skate can help reduce energy consumption and prevent leakage of refrigerant
Stainless steel materials, advanced processing equipment and heat treatment ensure the best heat transfer efficiency
The design of the large water receiving plate can prevent water leaking at the bottom of drum.
Photoelectric switch is directly installed in the bottom of evaporator
Direct liquid feeding and dry evaporation -- simple, safe and reliable control.
Integrated modular equipment installation is convenient for maintenance.

1. Large contact area: 
As its shape, it has got the largest contact area among all types of ice. The larger its contact
Area is, the faster it cools other stuff. In comparison with 1 ton of cube ice, 1 ton of flake ice has 1799 sqm
Of contact area while 1 ton of cube ice only has 1383 sqm, therefore the flake ice has got much better cooling effects than cube ice. 

2. Low cost of producing: 
The producing of flake ice is very economical, it only requires 1.3rt refrigerating effect to make 1 ton of ice from 16c water. 

3. Perfect in food cooling: 
Flake ice is type of dry and crispy ice, it hardly forms any shape edges, in food cooling process, this nature has made it the best material for cooling, it can reduce the possibility of damage to food to the lowest rate. 

4. Thoroughly mixing: 
Flake ice can become water quickly through the rapid heat exchanging with products, and also supply the moisture for products to be cooled. 

5. Convenient for delivery: 
Because the flake ice fairly dry, it will not stick with others during delivery or storage. 
Seawater Flake Ice Machine/ Ice Maker /Ice Making Machine
Zeniya show you how to choose ice
1,HARDNESS,The ice is hard and not easy to melt -enough cooling capacity
2,Neatness ,clean and without impurities 
3,Color ,White 
Only Zeniya can bring you the incomparable experience of using ice.Please chooseice, let our productions and teams take you to enjoy the ice quality and service.
zeniya standard design conditions:
Ambient temperature is 33°C,water supply temperature is 20°C;
While if your local conditions is different from it,then you can choose the ambient temperature limit from 5-40°C and the water supply temperature limit from 5-30°C
Model Daily Output Refrigeration Capacity Power Total Unit Net
Kg/24h (kW) Supply Power Dimension Weight
(kW) L*W*H(mm) (kg)
LR-0.2T 200 1.2 1P/220v/50Hz 1.8 760*730*450 75
LR-0.5T 500 3.7 3P/380V/50Hz 2.5 1310*890*780 195
LR-1T 1000 6.5 3P/380V/50Hz 4.8 1310*970*880 227
LR-1.2T 1200 7.8 3P/380V/50Hz 5.4 1310*970*980 263
LR-1.5T 1500 9.8 3P/380V/50Hz 7.3 1310*970*980 364
LR-2T 2000 13 3P/380V/50Hz 8.5 1550*1095*1040 423
LR-2.5T 2500 16.2 3P/380V/50Hz 9.2 1500*1095*1200 456
LR-3T 3000 19.5 3P/380V/50Hz 12.2 1750*1190*1200 530
LR-4T 4000 26 3P/380V/50Hz 16.3 1700*1650*1250 630
LR-5T 5000 32.5 3P/380V/50Hz 19.6 1700*1650*1450 760
LR-6T 6000 39 3P/380V/50Hz 23.5 1700*1650*1450 867
LR-8T 8000 49 3P/380V/50Hz 26.6 2500*2000*1560 968
LR-10T 10000 65 3P/380V/50Hz 32.5 2500*2000*1700 1260
LR-15T 15000 95 3P/380V/50Hz 58 3100*2160*1865 2120
LR-20T 20000 130 3P/380V/50Hz 63 3100*2160*2050 2860
LR-25T 25000 160 3P/380V/50Hz 75 3100*2160*2265 2940
LR-30T 30000 195 3P/380V/50Hz 86 3500*2700*2350 3240
Seawater Flake Ice Machine/ Ice Maker /Ice Making Machine
Seawater Flake Ice Machine/ Ice Maker /Ice Making Machine

Seawater Flake Ice Machine/ Ice Maker /Ice Making Machine

Zeniya Refrigeration and Air Condition Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer established in 2007.
Plant area 10000m3
Production value USD 4,000,000
Zeniya own testing lab, various CNC machine, and can provide perfect after-sale service.
Zeniya focus on quality improvement and cost control. That's why we were born as marine air conditioner OEM factory and developping into top supplier of marine air conditioner in China. And now we expand our business into air conditioning and refrigeration application in various area such as agriculture, commerical, industry etc.  

Pre-Sales Service

√ 24 hours online inquiry and consulting support
√ Sample testing support
√ Factory field inspection
After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

√ Training how to install and use the equipment
√ Engineers available for oversea service
Why should choose Zeniya ice machine: 

1. Cheaper price - more competitive. 
2. Longer warranty period - 18 months. 
3. Faster delivery speed and more on time. 
4.Superior after-sales service guarantee. 
5. More stringent quality assurance than foreign trade company. 
6. And the most important: As one of few ice machine evaporator leading and professional manufacturers
Who have the self-production capacity, we provide it for many refrigeration companies and counterparts. 
And they just need to assemble the ice machine with our evaporator and other refrigerating accessories. 
Our evaporators are warmly welcomed at home and abroad.

 Q1: What is the delivery time?
A1: 1).The ice making machine type. Our main product line includes Flake Ice Machine,Tube Ice Machine,Block Ice Machine. The manufacturing is totally different. So the time and affort spent on these machines varies. Normally the flake ice machine is fastest under the same ice daily capacity
2). Different Ice Daily Capacity: we have 1T,2T,5T,10T,20T,25T,30T,40T,50T ice making machines. For small capacity ice making machines(like1-5 tons), it needs about 10-15 working days. For larger capacity ice machines, it needs around 20-30 working days).
Q2.: What is the payment terms and trder terms?
A2: Normally, we accept T/T,  30% Deposit and 70% balance paid before delivery time
Trade Terms: FOB Shenzhen
Q3: Do I need to install the ice machine by myself?
For small ice machine, we ship it as a whole unit. So you just need to prepare power and water to run the machine.
For some larger ice machine plant, we need to keep some components seperate for shipping convenience. But no worries about that. An installation brochure will be sent to you,it's very easy  to install the machine.
Q4: For Water Cooled and Air cooled Machine, Which one is better? 
A4: It depends. If the electricity is more abundant and cheaper than water, air cooled one is recommended. Likewise, you can choose the water cooled one according to the situation.
Q5: Warranty time?
 A1: 18 months 
------Product Analysis-------------

This serial product are applicabel for sea water
Refrigerants system: Fluorine system/Ammonia system
Thickness of flake ice: 1.5~2.2mm

Applicable working condition: Ambient temp: 0~550C, water temp: -2~450C
Standard working condition: Ambient temp: 250C, water temp: 180C, evaporating temp: -200C
Technique Parameter
Refrigerants: R404A/R717

Power supply: Standard power: 380V-3P-50HZ, also can do according to customer special requirement as like 3 phase 60HZ, 200/220V, 400V, 440V

Technological development at Zeniya is not merely a reaction to the demands of customers - it actually raises the level of our customers' expectations. Further development and enhancement of HVAC systems to boost efficiency and meet new challenges is the philosophy behind our technological advance.

In tropical conditions it means cooling the air and getting rid of hundreds of tons of water from humidity per day - or else the on board climate will be clammy and unpleasant. Consequently in Zeniya we believe in "Getting Thing Right the First Time".

Zeniya is a specialist in all areas of Shipboard Climate Control, Air Handing and Distribution, Active Noise Control and Automation. Our experience spans the entire spectrum of Cruise Liners, Ferries, Cargo Vessels, Tankers, Warships, Yachts, and also Gas and Oil rigs. Our promise is invariable. All of our expertise are always focused on producing the best possible system for ensuring a clean, safe, economical, hygienic and comfortable environment on board the ship.

Zeniya has its own Design, Engineering, Commissioning and world-wide After-Sales Support units to ensure the best possible performance of our systems at all times and assure our customers of complete peace of mind while out at sea.

Zeniya has developed, supplied and supported the Marine industry with cutting edge HVAC technology and customer support for many years. Our strong technical research and design team have various experience, knowledge and competence in the marine and offshore field that can met various customer needs expectation.
Seawater Flake Ice Machine/ Ice Maker /Ice Making Machine

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