Grinding machine operating rate and calculation method

The operating rate of the grinding machine refers to the actual working hours of the grinding machine as a percentage of the calendar hours. Calculated as follows:

Each grinding machine in production is calculated once a month, accumulating throughout the year and monthly average. When the mill is stopped in the middle of the operation, it is still running, and the operation time is still calculated. The operating rate of the whole mill is calculated based on the total average of all mill operating rates of the whole plant. For example, a series of grinding machines of a certain plant operated for 700 hours in August , the operating rate of this series of grinding machines this month is:

If the plant has four grinding series, the series operation rate is 94% , the second series is 85% , the third series is 91% , and the fourth series is 90% . Then the whole plant grinding machine operation rate in August is:

                    ( 94%+85%+91%+90% )÷ 4=90%

The beneficiation plant operating rate grinding machine, productivity, productivity-per-watt efficiency and technology as the four process indicators evaluate the level of ore grinding operations work. The operating rate of the grinding machine is an indicator reflecting the utilization degree of the grinding machine, and it is also a comprehensive indicator to measure whether the ore supply is sufficient and whether the ore dressing is normal. The higher the operating rate of the grinding machine, the more the mine is fully supplied with minerals, the high rate of plant selection and the high level of production management.

The purpose of statistically checking the equipment operating rate in production is to expose and analyze the causes that affect the operation of the equipment, so as to take effective measures to improve the operating rate of the equipment.

The operating rate of the device is different from the operating rate of the device. The operating rate of a device is the ratio of the actual number of hours the device starts to the number of planned starts.

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