Influence of permeability of heap on heap leaching production

The permeability of the heap has an important impact on the heap leaching and gold extraction. The permeability of the heap is good, the leaching solution is evenly permeable, the gold-containing liquid can be discharged in time, and the heap is easy to seep and oxygen, enabling the leaching reaction. The speed is increased, so the leaching period is short, and the gold leaching rate is high. Otherwise, the gold leaching rate is low.
The factors affecting the permeability of the heap are mainly the content of clay minerals in the ore, the size of the ore, the method of pile-up, and the height of the pile.
When the clay in the ore is wetted by water, it will expand rapidly, and its volume can be increased by 25-30%, causing the pores in the ore and the space in the lump to be blocked, and the permeability of the heap is reduced.
The way the piles are built is important. When the pile is piled up, do not compact the pile as much as possible, or loosen the compacted part in time, keep the pile loose, and make the whole pile have a roughly uniform grain size composition.
The grain size is larger, the clay content is less, and the ore containing less impurities can be built higher, but too high will reduce the permeability of the heap and cause insufficient oxygen supply to the heap, thus affecting the leaching of gold. Especially for ores containing more clay and impurities, if the pile is too high, the solution will stay in the heap for a long time. When it flows downward, it will react with the impurities to consume cyanide and oxygen. When it reaches the bottom of the heap, it will be in the leaching solution. The necessary cyanide and oxygen have been lacking, which has affected the leaching of gold. The height of the heap should be determined by experimentation.

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