Problems to be paid attention to in the operation of centrifugal concentrator

The operation of the centrifugal concentrator directly affects the beneficiation efficiency. In order to operate the centrifugal concentrator, the following aspects should be noted:
(1) It is necessary to stabilize the ore supply volume, the ore concentration and the ore supply size. These factors directly affect the selection of indicators.
(2) To prevent the clogging of the mine mouth and the rushing nozzle, this requires that the rushing water should be clean and there should be no grass slag.
(3) It is necessary to check frequently whether the action of the control mechanism is flexible, whether the mine, mine ore, ore is coordinated. It is impossible to mix the ore, concentrate and tailings into each other, otherwise the sorting effect will be affected.
(4) Pay attention to check whether the parts of the equipment are worn or broken, whether the water pressure meets the requirements, and if it is found that there is water leakage or slurry leakage, it should be dealt with in time.

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