Comprehensive utilization technology of graphite

1 Preparation method of carbon coated graphite powder CN02125715
The invention discloses a preparation method of carbon coated graphite fine powder used as a negative electrode material of a lithium ion battery, belonging to a battery electrode material processing technology. The surface of the graphite micropowder is coated with a layer of carbon by a spray granulation method to obtain a carbon-coated graphite powder having a core-shell structure with graphite inside and carbon on the outer layer. It can reduce the first irreversible capacity of graphite as a negative electrode material for lithium ion batteries, and also improve the cycle stability of graphite. It opens the way for the application of graphite in lithium-ion batteries of PC electrolytes. Improve the life of lithium-ion batteries.
2 Medical graphite production process CN02117684
A manufacturing process of medical graphite, characterized in that it comprises the following steps:
a) Purification; the medium and low carbon natural flake graphite is treated by acid, alkali or hydrofluoric acid method, dried and calcined, and purified to achieve: particle size ≥ 150 mesh, carbon ≥ 95%, water ≤ 0.5% ;
b) acidification; the purified graphite is acidified to form graphite into an interlayer compound;
c) Puffing; heating in a special puffing furnace to rapidly expand the acidified graphite, and the expansion ratio is 50-600 ml/g to form medical graphite.
3 graphite spiral gasket classification manufacturing method CN02110311
The invention provides a method for grading manufacturing of a graphite wound gasket, which is classified according to the pressure level of the flange applied by the gasket, and considers the influence of the diameter of the gasket, and divides the diameter of the conventional gasket into five levels, pressing pressure Divided into 4 levels, each diameter level corresponds to 4 pressure levels, and 5 diameter levels are subdivided into 20 levels. According to the national standard GB4622.3-93, the thickness of the steel strip, the width of the steel strip, the thickness of the graphite strip, the width of the graphite strip, the forming angle of the steel strip, the winding tension of the steel strip, etc. are selected, and 20 formulas are calculated according to the formula of the graphite wound gasket. The level of winding tension. This method is also applicable to non-conventional gaskets with a diameter greater than 500 mm or other special requirements.
4 A graphite conductive coating CN02110029
The invention provides a graphite conductive coating characterized in that: (weight percentage) is prepared according to the following components and ratio: 3-10% of graphite, 0.1-3.0% of dispersant; adhesive 3~ 18%; ammonia water 0.1 to 10%, pure water 60 to 90%; wherein the dispersing agent is carboxymethyl cellulose, hydroxyhexyl cellulose, gum arabic, silicone oil, polyacrylate, dodecyl sulfonate at least one sodium or sodium lignin; the adhesive is colloidal silica, at least one of colloidal alumina, water glass or acrylic emulsions. The invention has been tested by experiments and has the following results: the stripes are neat, the contrast is good, and there is no "blue stain" and "black tendon" phenomenon, the coating film is evenly dried, smooth and flat, and does not fall off.

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