Application of "greenhouse doll" in greenhouse cultivation of cherry tomatoes

In many areas of China, if many people come into contact with agriculture, they will find that it has become a completely new industry. For instance, when greenhouses need ventilation and when they need to be watered, these are not plants that are rich in planting experience. The old peasants listened to the "green house doll" as a small environmental detection instrument. Past experienced old farmers are not necessarily sure things. Now look at the "greenhouse dolls" and they will all know. Not only the accuracy of the measurements, but also the timeliness of the measurements will provide an important data reference for maintaining a good growth environment in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Doll

In the past, people thought that the management of greenhouses was very easy. When they felt that they were hot, they felt the wind and felt dry. But now with the development of precision agriculture, this kind of production management method is undoubtedly very backward, and the error is also relatively large. However, the use of “greenhouse dolls” to manage greenhouses has provided evidence for watering, fertilizing and ventilation, and provided important technical support for the high-level development of facility agriculture.
In addition, crop varieties with high added value, such as cherry tomatoes, generally have higher requirements for the greenhouse environment. Traditional environmental testing methods make it difficult for managers to accurately grasp the changes in the greenhouse environment, but the use of “greenhouse dolls” These small, different types of sensors are like talking, feeling, and thinking. The temperature in the greenhouse is high. It tells us that the soil moisture in the greenhouse is low and it will tell us. However, through some regulation and control measures, we can ensure that the cherry fruit crop has been growing under the best greenhouse environment conditions. This has not only improved the yield and quality of cherry tomatoes, but has also further expanded the cultivation of cultivated varieties. The value of economic utilization of agricultural facilities such as greenhouses has been increased, which has provided guarantees for farmers to increase production and increase income.

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