LED lighting customization prospects: both a test and an opportunity

In today's LED lighting industry, the demand for the market is becoming more diversified, and competition among enterprises is intensifying. The pursuit of survival has become a top priority for enterprises. Long-term oversupply, consumers' choices are no longer passive, and they are very keen on customizing products. People are pursuing things with individuality, from personal wear to living house decoration, they all hope to be unique. Today's LED lighting industry, the market demand is more and more diversified, the competition among enterprises is intensifying, and the pursuit of survival has become a top priority for enterprises. Long-term oversupply, consumers' choices are no longer passive, and they are very keen on customizing products. People are pursuing things with individuality. From personal wear to living house decoration, they all hope to be unique. Customization has become a new trend. Customized production is included in the scope of developing a new economy. Customization is also standardization and specialization. As consumers' pursuit of individualization of lighting products increases rapidly, people demand that lamps can adapt to different occasions and different lighting functions, and lamps suitable for various use requirements have emerged. In the lighting market, the consumption of lamps by household lighting consumers is more rational by perceptual consumption. On the basis of taking into account the appearance, texture and lighting effects of the products, the brand reputation and quality assurance of the products are increasingly emphasized, thus determining the intrinsic value of the lighting. Material and manufacturing process requirements will also be higher and higher. Therefore, in order to meet the consumer demand of the market, creating personalized and customized products has become a breakthrough for many LED lighting companies. Now more and more customers and consumers are beginning to express their demand for the light environment. Manufacturers are required to provide lighting system solutions while providing lighting products, and to create the best lighting effects through different products. The improvement of consumer consumption concepts and behaviors will certainly create more business opportunities and competitive advantages for LED lighting companies with higher technology levels and better brands. After seeing the tough market competition in the past, some forward-looking companies in the industry immediately realized the necessity of innovation and development. Compared with the traditional large-scale production with low price and low threshold, the products and services of mass customization have more customization and unique features. Enable customers to customize lighting products on demand. In this way, the customized road can not only meet the market demand, but also the company can promote the brand in this process, enhance the brand advantage of the enterprise, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. In the price war market with serious homogenization and persistent vicious competition, LED customization will undoubtedly enable enterprises to get rid of these stumbling blocks, enable enterprises to obtain differentiated competitiveness, and maintain relatively high profit margins. The market can also respond to a state of healthy competition. The technical threshold of LED itself is low, and companies can easily enter the traditional lighting market to compete. However, if you talk about the market segment of LED's customized market, the threshold is not low. Customization has relatively high requirements for enterprise standards, so there are not many manufacturers that can achieve customized production in the industry. Compared with traditional conventional production, customization emphasizes professionalism and rigor, and also pays more attention to engineering quality. And the scope of customization is very wide, from the design and chip, packaging technology, splicing technology and other aspects can be customized to achieve distinctive visual effects. It is even designed to meet the customer's individual requirements of the scene system or control system, and then to distinguish between the purchase experience and after-sales service of competitors. Customization of decorative categories is relatively easy to grasp. But talking about functional customization is difficult. The technology is professional, complex, and costly, making it difficult to mass produce. And when it comes to customization, it also needs to focus on standardization. Efficiency is guaranteed through standardized components and standardized production. Despite the steady growth of the economy, the continuous advancement of technology and the decline in material costs, many LED companies are looking at more different levels of consumer markets and stimulating their demand. However, there are still many companies that maintain a wait-and-see attitude and dare not rush to try. Obviously, the output of this series requires the company to have certain strength and superior ability to respond. In addition, how to first capture the customer's psychological appeal and personalized solutions on the product has become a bottleneck for major LED companies to seek breakthroughs.

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