Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel successfully developed 250mm thickness EH36 steel plate

Recently, Jiang, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group Chengyinxing Special Steel Co., Ltd. successfully developed 250mm thickness EH36 steel plate and successfully applied it to the first mobile test platform “Ocean Oil 162” in China. At present, such a large thickness and high technical requirements are the first production in China. Xingcheng Special Steel is also the only unit in China that has the ability to supply and supply the product, and has achieved substitution.
It is reported that the "Offshore Oil 162" platform project has extremely high requirements on engineering materials, and the additional technical conditions are very complicated. The 250mm EH36 steel plate used proposed "the yield, tensile and -40 °C impact test of the steel plate are guaranteed to be 1/4T, the inspection values ​​of the position at 1/2 are qualified, and the steel must pass the CCS product ship inspection certification". The stringent technical requirements of the series far exceed the standards of the classification society and it is difficult for many domestic steel enterprises.
Xingcheng Special Steel Special Plate Sales and R&D personnel got in touch with the project manufacturing enterprise and China Classification Society for the first time and conducted several rounds of communication. They understood the specific requirements of the project engineering steel and carefully studied the project 250mm EH36 steel plate. A series of technical indicators, and China Classification Society proposed to meet the requirements of -60 ° C impact test and metallographic inspection, developed a professional solution and supply program, successfully overcome a series of technical problems, quality and quantity The supply task of nearly 330 tons of 250mm EH36 was completed on time, meeting the requirements of urgent delivery and tight schedule, and also set a new record for the production and delivery of China's extra-thick high-quality offshore steel plates.
The "Ocean Oil 162" design has a service life of 25 years and the maximum lifting capacity of the wellhead operation equipment is 1580kN. The platform has been classified by China Classification Society and is planned to serve in Bohai Oilfield. At present, the main equipment of the project has been fully installed in place, and the high-quality and large-thickness offshore engineering plates for key component equipment are provided by Xingcheng Special Steel, which replaces the foreign ordering plan of the steel plates required for the project.

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