Common faults and investigations of Cheetah command vehicle

The cheetah command vehicle is commonly found in places where disasters occur. This kind of command vehicle is highly cost-effective and has complete vehicle functions. It can meet the needs of disaster relief and rescue operations, and it is a favorable command platform for disaster relief work. There are some common faults in the Cheetah command vehicle . We will analyze some routines and troubleshooting methods for everyone today. We hope that we can better help us cope with the disaster.


First, it takes a long time before the engine starts to release the parking brake and the vehicle startup time is longer. This kind of phenomenon in vehicles may cause time delays in the rescue command. Because some vehicles start slow and gradually accumulate, it may take more than ten minutes to start the vehicle, and it is also prone to dangerous situations after startup. This phenomenon may be caused by a leak in the piping of the brake system. If you do not hear the brake system leaking sound, it may be the reason for braking the relay valve, you can also check the spring stiffness of the vehicle's composite brake air chamber. All these places may cause slow start-ups. If there are no loopholes, you can choose to replace the spring of the four-circuit protection valve to restore the pressure value, which can solve the problem of parking brake.

Second, the vehicle is relatively stable at low speeds, and it is prone to turbulence at high speeds, and even worse at acceleration. If this happens, the vehicle's oil line should be checked first, and the fuel filter, the fuel pump filter, and the fuel tank should be inspected. It may be due to too much dust in the fuel tank. In addition, the air flow sensor of the vehicle should be inspected, and it can be determined whether the first cylinder or the second cylinder is working normally. It is recommended to replace the air flow sensor so that most of the problems can be solved. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the air flow sensor can not work properly and the air volume of the engine cannot be measured correctly, so that the fuel injection amount cannot be controlled normally, and finally the situation of turbulence occurs during driving.

Third, the vehicle was not used for a long time in winter. After adding water to the water tank, the oil appeared milky white and was discharged from the air vent of the valve after starting. This situation is mainly due to the mixed deterioration of engine oil and water, and the oil exceeds the highest scale of the oil dipstick. The location of engine leakage should be determined in a timely manner, then repaired, and used to clean the engine with gasoline, oil radiators, oil filters and other equipment can be replaced, which can effectively solve this problem.

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