How to choose a refrigerated truck for transporting drugs? How much is the price?

There are many types of refrigerated trucks, of which the refrigerated trucks used for transporting medicines are mainly smaller ones, and the temperature requirements are usually from 0 degrees to minus 5 degrees. In addition, transportation of drug refrigerated trucks should also reach the following conditions:

1. Refrigerated trucks should meet the requirements of the new GSP (Order No. 90 of the Ministry of Health) and the national standard requirements - "QC/T450 skill sets for insulated cars and refrigerated trucks."

2. The refrigerated truck has the function of actively regulating temperature, expressing temperature, storing and reading temperature monitoring data. The inside of the cargo compartment should be able to ensure that the temperature is uniform, and the temperature at each point should be controlled within the range of 2-8°C.

3, set the car temperature monitoring probe (the number of installed temperature measurement terminal shall not be less than 2). The maximum allowable deviation of temperature and humidity measurement setup equipment deployment is 0.5°C

4. The temperature monitoring system should actively monitor and record the temperature and humidity conditions in the drug storage and transportation process. The system shall update the temperature and humidity data of the measuring point at least once every minute, and record the timely temperature and humidity data at least once every 30 minutes in the storage history. The prompt temperature data shall be recorded at least every 5 minutes in the transportation history. When the monitored temperature and humidity override the scope, the system shall record the temperature and humidity data at least once every minute.

5. When the monitored temperature and humidity data reach the set critical value, which may prevail over the designated area, and the system generates a power supply stop and other environment, the system should be able to implement the sound and light alarm on the spot and at the designated location, and at the same time accept SMS communication and other methods. Not less than 3 designated staff members will call the police.

6. Use GPRS connection to show the temperature of the refrigerated truck in time.

7. The goods in the refrigerated compartment shall not be placed on the wall or directly on the surface of the car.

8. The temperature control system and the symmetry of the temperature profile in the refrigerator are valid.


The price of pharmaceutical refrigerated trucks is generally composed of three major components: chassis, cabinets, and refrigeration units. Take Wuling Refrigerated Vehicles as an example: The chassis price is generally around 28,000. The box adopts two sides of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the middle polyurethane foam insulation box board, box length of 2 meters 72, the price is generally around 16,000, minus 5 degrees of domestic refrigeration units, the general price of about 7 thousand, so the vehicle price is About 510,000, if you need to add some sterilization equipment, the price may go up, the specific price can consult the manufacturer.

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