Talk about the daily maintenance knowledge of sprinkler

In general, we often see sprinklers on the roadside. The sprinkler is a practical vehicle that can combine greening and watering, high-altitude operations, pesticide spraying, and emergency firefighting. It is ideal for large-scale urban communities and landscaping and urban sanitation. Cars, proper maintenance can improve the service life of sprinklers, so how to carry out the daily maintenance of sprinklers? Let's briefly introduce you to a specific method.


We all know that the sprinkler truck can be divided into a chassis part and a bodywork part. These two parts require different maintenance procedures. The top part often carries out after-sales maintenance and maintenance by the manufacturer, and the chassis can be serviced by the corresponding vehicle service station. Then in daily use, we not only need to follow the instruction manual for maintenance, but also need to pay attention to a lot of specific details in order to make the life of the body longer, and we can not ignore the maintenance of some accessories during use. jobs.   

1. Soaking and rinsing the tank: Before we use the new sprinkler, we can fill the body with water, so that it will be emptied after a few days of soaking. We will then rinse the surface of the sprinkler and fill it with water. This will be repeated several times. Yes. At the same time, we must also pay attention to anti-corrosion work inside the tank. 2, check the connection of various parts: often check the connection between parts to ensure that the connection is normal, normal operation, if you find the PTO and the pump leaking during use, you should immediately replace the seal. 3, sprinkler vehicle ball valve inspection: things passing through the ball valve can not be too dirty, or the body will be damaged inside the seal will be damaged, so the life of the parts will be greatly shortened, while the ball valve parts can not always work in the half-open state In this case, the seal ring parts will be deformed. 4, regular wash sprinkler filter: sprinkler filter often need to wash, otherwise dirty will plug the filter, thereby reducing the amount of sprinkler water. 5, regular repair tank paint: It is necessary to pay attention to constantly check the paint outside the sprinkler, if there is a lack of paint, repair paint in a timely manner to avoid splashing car tank rust.

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