The role of dust suppression car

We all know that the pollution of coal to the environment is very serious. In particular, it is affected by wind during the transportation of coal. Dust-like coal can cause dust to cause serious adverse effects on the surrounding environment and people's physical conditions. In order to reduce the environmental pollution during the transportation of coal, the dust suppression car is born for operation. How does the dust suppression car operate?


Dust vehicle to the curing agent is a dust-like coal dust sprayed above, so that dust-like coal group gradually condensed into a solid, forming a protective film, the solid coal difficult to drift, thus played a dust suppression, reduction The role of pollution.

Dust suppression vehicles are not only suitable for railway transportation, but also suitable for dump trucks, city squares, bulk material piles and other dusty places. When trains and trucks transport coal, spraying and spraying dust suppression agents on each coal mine heap can reduce pollution, and at the same time prevent dust pollution in slag yards, coal storage yards, iron and steel building materials, etc., as well as the ecology of various open stockyards for enterprises. Slope protection can also play a good role.

At present, many dust suppression vehicles also have the function of a sprinkler, which not only suppresses dust pollution, but also sprays drizzle to remove harmful substances and fine particles in the air, allowing the air to be instantly fresh and creating a good air environment. In the case of severe smog, the application of dust suppression vehicles is particularly important. Dust suppression vehicles can prevent dust from further spreading and suppress the deterioration of smog.

With the advancement of science and technology, the technology of dust suppression vehicles is gradually progressing. Spraying rods and lifting rods have gradually replaced the hydraulic system during the spraying operation of dust suppression vehicles, which is a simpler operation of dust suppression vehicles. For northern regions where the temperature is lower, in order to prevent the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of the dust-reducing vehicle from freezing, it is difficult to adjust the dust suppression vehicle. The dust suppression vehicles in the northern region have carried out the heating and heating of the tank body, nozzle, and pump body. Cold winter can also guarantee the normal operation of dust-proof cars.

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