Safety measures and maintenance of driving guardrail cleaning vehicles

Due to the expansion of the road, there are many fences on the road that block pedestrians from crossing the road. This has a very important effect on the safety of people's lives and endangering the driving safety of vehicles. However, due to the long time of the guardrail, the guardrail The dirt on the sedimentation will take a long time to clear. Manual cleaning is not easy to clean down, so the fence cleaning car has played a vital role. Next, we will introduce to you the safety measures and maintenance of the driving guardrail cleaning vehicle . How to do it?


First, the staff of the guardrail cleaning vehicle . Must hold A as driver's license, while the driver's license must be qualified in the annual review, will be allowed to drive the guardrail cleaning car, driving the guardrail cleaning the car should also avoid working in the time of work, at work should pay attention to passers-by To avoid personal injury caused by your own carelessness, park the vehicle while driving the guardrail cleaning vehicle, and do not park in a random place.

Secondly, at least two flushes are required within a week when washing roads. It is also necessary to wear a work jacket when driving a guardrail, that is, a reflective clothing, and a work card. This is a must-wear. At the time of the flushing operation, the vehicle should not be retrograde, strictly obeying the traffic rules, and at the same time, a flash safety light should be turned on while working.

Third, the guardrail cleaning vehicle must have a prompting sound when working, in order to remind the passing vehicles and passersby to pay attention to the avoidance. During this nighttime operation, the prompt music sound can be turned off or turned off, which affects the rest of the people.

Fourthly, the regular inspection of the barrier cleaning vehicle is to determine whether there is a fault. In addition to checking the various oil paths, it is also necessary to check the fluid outlet and whether or not there is a blockage. If it is found that there is a blockage, it needs to be timely. Dispose of it and check the cleanliness of the ball valve to avoid shortening the service life of the ball valve.

The above is about the safety measures and maintenance of the driving guardrail cleaning vehicle . I hope that the above mentioned can bring you some help. Here, we suggest that everyone who drives the guardrail cleaning car should clean the car in the classroom guardrail. Be sure to be familiar with the operation equipment of the cleaning vehicle. At the same time, you must be familiar with driving precautions to avoid accidents caused by improper operations. This is something that everyone does not want to see.

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