Cable fault tester complete set of instrument functions and features

Cable fault tester complete set of instrument functions and features:

1. It can measure high and low resistance faults of all cables below 35KV and can adapt to a wide range of applications.

2, using the international "three multi-pulse method" test technology. At the same time, it also has traditional high-voltage flashover and low-voltage pulse method.

3. Any high-impedance fault presents the simplest waveform characteristics similar to low-voltage pulse short-circuit faults. It is easy to interpret and is more reliable and simpler than the secondary pulse method and the eight-pulse method.

4, with user-friendly software and full Chinese menu and key operation. The key definition is simple and straightforward. The measurement method is simple and fast.

5, detection failure success rate, test accuracy and ease of testing better than any domestic testing equipment.

6, 10.4 inch large color LCD screen as a display terminal, the instrument has a powerful data processing capabilities and friendly display interface.

7, with extremely safe sampling high-pressure protection measures. The test equipment will not crash or be damaged in high-impact environment.

8, professional control system, test time is short, easy to operate.

9, simple operation and high reliability. Has a very high price/performance ratio.

10, no test blind spot.

11. Built-in power supply can test the open circuit and low resistance short circuit fault of the cable in no power supply environment.

The cable fault tester can test high and low resistance faults of all cables below 35KV, with strong adaptability. Using the advanced "three-pulse method" multi-pulse sampling technology, without manual selection of waveforms, can automatically determine the distance, while the impact of high-voltage flashover, while sending a set of eight fault test pulse with different delays, one impact of high-voltage flashover A typical eight groups of three pulse waveforms can be obtained. Any high-impedance fault waveform appears as a cable short-circuit fault waveform similar to the low-voltage pulse method test. Excellent software design, full Chinese menu display, touch screen button operation, simple and quick, test results fast, accurate; advanced testing technology, complete functions, but also has the traditional low-voltage pulse method and the impact of high-voltage flashover; large LCD screen as a display terminal , With powerful data processing capabilities and friendly display interface, data memory space; with high-pressure sampling protection, ensure that the instrument in the impact of high voltage and strong electric field environment, reliable work. With the test waveform storage function, it can store a large number of field test waveforms and call them for observation at any time. With the test waveform comparison function, the measured fault point waveform and the good-looking full-length open waveform can be simultaneously displayed on the screen, and the waveform is compared with the screen and the waveform overlay is compared, so that the fault distance can be judged more accurately. With automatic selection of waveforms, automatic judgment function. Its sampling success rate and ease of operation far exceeds the common type of multi-pulse cable fault tester (also known as the eight pulse cable fault tester).

The main performance indicators:

1. Test methods: multiple pulse method (eight pulses), impulse high voltage current sampling method, low voltage pulse method;

2, the impact of high pressure: less than 42KV;

3, data sampling rate: 100MHz, 50MHz, 25MHz, 12.5MHz;

4, test distance: >30Km

5, reading resolution: 0.1m

6, the system test accuracy is less than 20cm;

7, test blind area: no test blind area 8, working environment: -10 ~ +45 °C

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