What are the four characteristics of trolley lines?

With the development of society today, the trolley line has been developed to the present and can be summed up in four major characteristics: safety, availability, reliability, maintainability, according to four different characteristics, that today with our Shanghai trolley line manufacturers small Edit it for a specific understanding:

The four characteristics of the trolley line:

First, the availability of a stainless steel band on the contact surface of the slide wire and the current collector reduces the wear of the sliding wire and prolongs its service life. The cross-sectional area of ​​the guide rod is designed into a special geometric shape, increasing its axial moment in the horizontal and vertical directions, so that the guide rod has a good bending resistance, so as to better ensure the good contact between the contact shoe and the guide rod of the current collector. The unique shape design of the slide wire sheath not only makes the installation firm and stable, but also can play the role of waterproof and dustproof. Its material is polyvinyl chloride, and also plays the role of anti-corrosion and anti-aging. Sliding-wire guide rod adopts special formula aluminum alloy, which has excellent electrical conductivity, small electrical resistance, and great power saving. Collector's contact shoe, using a unique formula of graphite synthetic copper processing, compact organization, wear resistance, long service life.

Second, the reliability increases the contact area between the connector device and the slider wire conductor, and adopts multiple screw connection methods to ensure the reliability of the connection, improve the conductivity of the connector, and greatly reduce the loss of electrical energy.

The spring of the collector's key parts is stable and reliable, which increases the pressure of the contact shoe and the conductor, thus effectively ensuring the contact pressure, reducing the contact resistance, improving the reliability of product use, and making the collector uninterruptedly used for a long time. Electrical equipment power supply.

Third, safety The entire outer surface of the equipment is protected by a sheath, even if the joint is protected by a joint jacket. No conductors can be touched by any finger in any portion of the safety slide wire to ensure the safety of the user. The unique design of the slide wire sheath is more suitable for outdoor use. In rain conditions, it can also ensure safety and prevent accidents. Nylon shaft supports have been installed on the front and rear shafts of the current collector to provide double insulation and further enhance the safety of the equipment.

Fourth, the maintainable joint jacket adopts a combination design, which makes the installation and disassembly more convenient and the maintenance is extremely convenient.

The maintenance of other accessory parts is equally convenient, enabling users to carry out routine maintenance work without professional skills.

Vacuum Dough Kneader/Vacuum Kneader:

This machine developed by our company is the most advanced domestic kneading machine. It is mainly applicable for making various flour products. Its mixing leaves can be adjusted according to the characteristic of wheat flour. Many mixing leaves developed by our company have been granted the national patents. This vacuum kneading machine is under the vacuum condition imitating the manually kneading to quickly form the gluten and proportionate the protein structure. The kneaded dough has better extension and elasticity, more smooth surface, and better looking than any others.

With human-machine interface and PLC control, the machine has high automation level and is convenient to operate. After inputing the process procedure, the machine will complete the whole kneading process automatically. Also it can be manually controlled to satisfy different demands of production.

Advanced Vacuum Dough Kneading Technology

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