Weihai COSCO Technology and Japan and South Korea successfully signed an order for ballast water treatment system

It is reported that Weihai COSCO Shipbuilding Technology Co., Ltd. has recently attacked overseas markets and successfully received orders for ballast water treatment systems from Korean and Japanese shipping companies.

According to the news, since April, Weihai Zhongyuan Technology has visited South Korea and Italy to visit South Korea's Daxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Italy's ITS, and visited Japan's Onomichi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. through the network. After unremitting efforts, Weihai Zhongyuan Technology has successively obtained orders for the 64,000-ton bulk carrier of Japan Onomichi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and the 1800 TEU container ship ballast water ship handling system of Korea Grand Fresh Shipyard, which not only further expanded the Japanese market, but also entered the Korean market for the first time.

It is understood that Weihai COSCO Technology will make persistent efforts to visit customers in the Middle East in the near future, strive to enter the oil tanker market, participate in the China Taiwan Maritime Forum in June, consolidate the Chinese Taiwan market, and open up markets in southern Europe.

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