The top 5 cars with the highest mortality rate do not dare to post 10,000!

All along, the safety of Japanese cars was low and many people stopped. So are Japanese cars really insecure? According to a survey conducted by the American Institute of Insurance, the five cars have the highest mortality rate. Of these five cars, four were sold in the Chinese market and shocked Chinese consumers.

5 Nissan Machi

Nissan Machi as a cheap joint venture car, the price of less than 60,000, the car will not be too much of the security configuration, coupled with the reduction. Therefore, the safety of this car is not guaranteed. According to the survey, the car’s death rate was 71/1 million.

4 Honda Civic (two doors)

The car has not yet been sold in the Chinese market. Although the car can get a higher score in the crash test, the actual death rate of the car is as high as 76/1 million.

3 Modern Rena

Hyundai Reynolds is a relatively popular model in China. Although it is equipped with a safety dual airbag, it has no safety configuration such as traction control (ASR), vehicle body stability control (ESP), brake assist (BAS), and low passive safety. The mortality rate of this car is as high as 120 people/1 million vehicles.

2 Nissan sunshine

As a 100,000 or so joint venture vehicle, Nissan Sunshine is not equipped with ESP, and its body is light and thin. In the event of a traffic accident, the damage to the people inside the vehicle is relatively large. The mortality rate of this car is as high as 130 people/1 million vehicles.

1 Kia K2

Although the Kia K2 has a low fuel consumption and a stylish and stylish exterior, this car has only a light body and only 2 airbags in the car, plus no tire pressure monitoring device, lane departure warning system, active brake/active safety system, ASR, ESP, etc. BAS and other security configurations. 150 people/1 million cars in this car.


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