The spring ploughing demonstration Maschio took his work with heavy hits

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] On April 27th, Maschio local distributor Binzhou Donglai Agricultural Machinery organized a large-scale demonstration of large-scale spring farming, this demonstration, showing the Maschio Group as a global agricultural machinery One of the companies with a wide range of products, adapting to several representative machines in the Shandong market.
The spring ploughing demonstration Maschio took his work with heavy hits
On April 27th, the local distributor of Maschio, Binzhou Donglai Agricultural Machinery Co., organized a large-scale demonstration of large-scale spring ploughing production. This demonstration showcased the Maschio Group as one of the global companies with a wide range of agricultural machinery products. Adapt to several representative machines in the Shandong market, including:
DAMA 250 no-till drill
Maschio DAMA series mechanical no-till drill is a joint machine that creates a good seed bed through the power of the front drive, and the rear mechanical drill completes the sowing operation of wheat. This machine is Mas Chio's all-imported machines can not only sow wheat, but also sow crops such as alfalfa, oats, rye, and sesame that require seeding. The DAMA type drill is extremely cost-effective. When the seeding operation is not required, the drill can be removed and the power drive can be used separately.
DAFNE287GM mowing press
Maschio DAFNE287GM mowing machine is a disc-type mowing method. The working speed is greatly accelerated. The lightweight side swing arm rises and falls with the terrain. The hydraulic accumulator device replaces the manual spring adjustment to ensure the cutting. The height of the 茬 is consistent, from the type of cutterhead to the form of the flattener, which can be selected according to the customer's requirements, to meet the needs of different users for harvesting different crops.
SP-4 air suction precision seed drill
SP type seeding machine is the star product of Maschio's many years of agricultural machinery production experience. It has low drop point, excellent performance, multiple configurations to choose from, high cost performance, easy operation adjustment, etc. Maschio SP type The planter always has a configuration to meet your requirements.
MONDLAIE 110 round baler
Maschio MONDIALE110 round baler is designed to be compact and lightweight. It can adapt to work in a relatively small area. It is simple and practical. Due to its simplicity and reasonable price, it is very adaptable in the Chinese market. It quickly occupied a favorable market position.
TERREMOTO 3 combined soil preparation machine
The Maschio TERREMOTO3 combined grader has a unique design with a clearance of 90 cm under the beam, which guarantees good passability, even in the Huanghuaihai area where there are more wheat stubble.
URAGANO 3000 self-propelled high ground gap sprayer
August is the golden stage of corn growth, and it is also a period when pests and diseases are easy to break out. Just like high-bar crops such as corn, this high-gap machine is needed to save the field. The traditional spray machine is inaccurate, and the work efficiency is inefficient. Low, the incident of operator poisoning is not uncommon, Maschio URAGANO series spray machine, solve the above problems.
The dosage is adjusted by the central control computer. The spray bar can reach 28m, the working speed is up to 40km/h, and the high ground clearance is 3.8m. The medicine box size is 2000, 3000, 4000, optional, fully enclosed cab to avoid operator poisoning.
In this demonstration, URAGANO spray machine became the focus of this demonstration, which attracted a lot of praise from TV reporters and friends of large grain farmers. The long delivery time of imported equipment requires us to plan ahead and only prepare for it. In order to cope with difficulties and reduce unnecessary losses.
This demonstration will showcase the strength of the Maschio Group as a multinational company and a very rich product range. It is a great thing for the big farmers, before the Maschio Group's products are put on the market. A lot of research and testing work will be done in different regions, so the Maschio Group products that you use or may use in the future must be successful products in practice.

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