How to choose an electronic locker

The most important thing in choosing an electronic locker is to know what your needs are. According to your needs, you can buy an electronic locker to choose the right one for you. Electronic lockers are currently used mainly in supermarkets and libraries, in addition to swimming pools.

The quality of electronic lockers used in supermarkets and lockers used in venues is a hundred miles away. This must be clarified. The reason is very simple. The supermarket sells things cheaply. It is also cheap to buy things. In order to do it for the supermarket, the manufacturer saves at least 30% of the material. Other properties are even more difficult to guarantee. So you see the electronic locker in the supermarket, 10 at least. Bad 4 stations. Everyone understands the truth. If you pay for a brand and buy a brand, then the brand must have connotations to support it. The brand is not blown out. It is built by building a solid product.

Now it's true. First, if you are a supermarket to buy an electronic locker, you are recommended to Shanghai Tianqi Industrial Co., Ltd., they can control the cost at the same time, to ensure quality and after-sales service, there are currently after-sales maintenance in major cities in the country, other products sold ass A beat ran, this is definitely an industry consensus. You can search for their contact information on the Internet, suggesting that you make a choice after comparison. Second, if you are the library to buy an electronic locker, to recommend you to Shanghai Tianqi Industrial Co., Ltd., the products are reliable, and their management software is very powerful, you can also directly communicate with the campus card, management is very convenient. To purchase an electronic locker, manufacturers must show the copyright of the locker software. If there is a network management system, the network management software must also require a copyright certificate. Third, if you are a swimming pool to buy electronic lockers, to recommend you to Shanghai Tianqi Industrial Co., Ltd., the use of lockers in the swimming pool waterproof performance is better, as the access certificate of the IC card to carry, I understand This kind of IC card is made into a watchband that can be worn on the wrist.

How to buy electronic locker Xiaobian has already told you, I do not know when we used to choose an electronic locker is based on what to choose, Xiaobian's method is still very trustworthy. If you need to buy an electronic locker in the future, you may wish to refer to the reference to Xiaobian's suggestions.

How to choose an electronic locker

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