You don't know how to drive the rear double truck

General trucks are rear-wheel drive, we all know very well, but in the heavy-duty truck field, the design of the rear eight double-drive axle is commonplace, such as 6X4, 8X4 and other rear four-wheel double bridge Driven, this design can carry heavier goods and is more efficient, so it is more popular with drivers and bosses. So, is the double bridge driven vehicle a mid-bridge drive or a rear-axle drive? Or dual bridge joint drive?


Bridge or rear axle drive

The driving mode of trucks has always been the focus of debate among fans. Of course, those four-wheeled light trucks have no problem. They are driven by chaos. However, large heavy-duty trucks have two rear drive axles. Which drive is the drive axle? This debate has not stopped since then. Some people think that it is driven by the bridge and some think it is driven by the rear axle. Each has its own reasons and opinions.

Actually, the double bridge drive is like two people lifting the frame. One person can't do it with certainty. It must be done by two people together. Therefore, the double bridge is not driven by the bridge or the rear axle, but is driven together. So how do double bridges drive at the same time?


Work hard together

The double drive axle is composed of a middle bridge and a rear axle, and the rear axle of the double drive axle is the same as the rear axle driven by a single bridge, compared with the complex structure of the middle bridge. The intermediate bridge deceleration mechanism is commonly referred to as the transition box, which includes a transition gear set, a main reducer, a through-shaft and a differential between shafts, also called a bridge differential.

After passing through the gearbox and the driveshaft, the engine power first enters the inter-axle differential designed in the Zhongqiao, through the inter-axle differential, the power is divided into two, respectively transmitted to the Zhongqiao and the rear axle, and then connected to the middle. The differential of the bridge and the rear axle, the differential power is again divided into two, respectively, to the wheels. At this time, the inter-axle differential can be regarded as an ordinary inter-wheel differential, while the middle bridge and the rear axle can be regarded as two wheels, which is easy to understand. The power of the engine is thus divided into four parts by three differentials. The two wheels of the middle bridge and the four wheels of the rear axle are averaged.

Some card members will ask, what is the interaxle differential? The role played by the differential between axles is that, when the vehicle is driving on uneven roads, the speeds of the two axles sometimes need to be different at different times, and they have adapted to the ups and downs of the road. If there is no inter-axle differential, the rear axle is a rigid transmission connection. At this time, there will be oysters. In severe cases, it may even cause mechanical damage. When driving on flat roads, the axle differential does not work, and the driving force of the rear axle and the middle axle is the same.


In some special cases, such as when the bridge crosses the ground, the axle differential will automatically output power to the skid axle, causing the vehicle to move forward. In order to alleviate this situation, a differential lock is also installed on the differential between shafts. When a rigid transmission is required, the differential lock is locked so that the middle and rear axles can be integrated to help the vehicle get out of difficulty.

● Postscript

This time learning to understand, I believe that everyone has an understanding of the driving mode of the rear axle of the rear double bridge. The models of the twin bridges are powered by the differential between the axles, that is, they are jointly driven by the twin bridges. Only in this way can we ensure greater cargo weight. There are many types of driving in cars, but they are invariably diversified and the differential is a key component.

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