Explore Market Challenges and Opportunities in New Situations Cumins Vice President Wang Ning Visits Shaanxi Auto Dealers

On August 29th, 2015, Cummins Vice President and General Manager of China Cummins China Light-Heavy Duty Engine Joint Venture Operation Wang Ning came to Xian Xi'an Industrial Park and visited the Shaanxi Auto Dealer together with Shaanxi Automobile Group and Xi'an Cummins' functional leaders. - Xi'an Shuangcheng Heavy-duty Truck Co., Ltd., together with the principals of distributors, discussed market challenges and opportunities in the new situation, and a series of issues such as future marketing ideas.

Cummins Vice President Wang Ning Visits Shaanxi Auto Dealers
Cummins Vice President Wang Ning Visits Shaanxi Auto Dealers

Wang Ning pointed out that the Chinese market is the most important market for Cummins outside of North America, and Cummins will continue to vigorously promote support services for the Chinese market, with a more outstanding product technology and quality assurance to help the second leap in the Chinese economy under the new normal; and Shaanxi Automobile Group's cooperation has always been the focus of Cummins' business in China. In the future, the cooperation between the two parties will continue to be deepened and expanded, and the distributors and customers will jointly realize new breakthroughs in the Chinese truck market.

Cummins Vice President Wang Ning Visits Shaanxi Auto Dealers
Cummins Vice President Wang Ning Visits Shaanxi Auto Dealers

Yang Wenguo, general manager of Shuangcheng Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd., introduced the company's current business situation and future plans to the general manager of Ning. He led the visitors to visit Shuangcheng Service Center, office building, fittings production company, distribution center and old parts library. In the relevant regions, a detailed discussion was conducted on vehicle sales services, parts production, parts distribution, and old parts management and remanufacturing. Mr. Yang introduced that although the current market is at a low tide and the marketing situation is tight, Shaanxi Automobile Group and Xi’an Cummins Company Dealing with distributors and customers, working hand in hand, especially Shaanxi Automobile Cummins vehicle and ISM engine after years of market inspection, can indeed bring satisfactory operational efficiency to our customers, and bring reliable revenue to dealers. The product is very suitable for the Chinese market. Mr. Yang also introduced the current experience of the company in the management of old parts of Shaanxi Automobile.

Cummins Vice President Wang Ning and others took photos at the dealer
Cummins Vice President Wang Ning and others took photos at the dealer

During the visit, General Manager Wang Ning met an old customer of Shaanxi Steam Cummins. The customer has purchased Shaanxi Heavy Duty Trucks equipped with ISM engines since 2008 and has so far purchased nine units. In the course of operation, the engines and vehicles perform well and they fully meet the needs of their large-scale transportation. The customer was particularly impressed by the strong power of the ISM. He said that the Shaanxi Automobile Cummins F2000 model he purchased in 2008 is still very dynamic. The load of 150 tons starts quickly, and the overtaking of the car is seen in the process of overturning the Qinling Mountains. Compared with the newly acquired Jiefang J6, the competitor can achieve a higher gear uphill, faster, more efficient, and very satisfied with himself.

General Manager Wang Ning is very grateful to customers for Cummins, ISM engine support, excellent customer support and service is Cummins's most important work, Cummins will work together with the majority of Chinese customers to work together for a win-win situation.

The visitors also included Zhou Yinchao, deputy general manager and general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Vehicle Co., Ltd., Huang Haitao, general manager of Cummins China's medium and heavy-duty engine business marketing, Yang Xiaodong, general manager of Xi'an Cummins, Wang Jianxun, Xi'an Cummins, director of Xi'an Xi'an Office. Director of Finance Li Ai-Rong and Customer Support Director Cai Xian and others all communicated well with distributors and customers. I believe that mutual honesty will help both parties to overcome market difficulties and usher in a new dawn!

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