How to buy a new torque wrench

I am very happy to explain how to use the torque wrench. Many users are completely ignorant of the use of the newly purchased torque wrench. In fact, the operation of the torque wrench is very simple. After reading the small chapter to give you ready information to ensure that you read It will be, well, then let's practice together.

Torque wrench simple operation:

A: Press the + key, the machine drips, and the digital display opens.
B: Shutdown mode, press S, +, -, three keys together, or shut off automatically after 40 seconds without any operation.
C: After the machine starts up, press the S key to call up the currently set torque value. If you need to adjust, press the + sign to increase the value, the - sign decreases until you reach the desired value, and then press the S key to confirm.
D: Press the S button for about 3 seconds to select the torque unit.
E: Store three sets of data, press the + key for about 3 seconds, and then select the - sign to transfer to the next set of data.
F: Press the + and S keys to select the operating mode of the torque wrench (P and T)
G: The operation mode is the value of the index display that does not show the torque, but it only flashes 5 times when it reaches the set torque value.
H: The operation mode is the exponential display screen and the torque value is displayed at any time. Once the torque value is greater than the set torque value, the maximum torque value will be displayed.

Whether you learned it after reading it is not very simple, if there is anything you do not understand, welcome to our company store consulting oh.

Torque wrench picture

Torque wrench picture

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