Roadside parking is very easy to scratch and teach you nine protective skills

1, open parking, no matter what, high-rise balconies and windows carefully stop. Because some people are accustomed to bad things, they may paralyze themselves at high altitudes, spitting on cigarettes, and smoking cigarettes. There are also various kinds of cores and waste batteries. The glass of the Accord car downstairs of my house was smashed by the rotten peaches that were thrown down on the 11th floor. The other friend's black darted up and the hood was knocked out by a waste battery dropped on the 15th floor. What's even more frightening is the days of typhoon. Some pots on the balcony will not be blown down properly. The consequences can be imagined.

2, Do not casually occupy the parking spaces of others, or stop the passage of others. It is particularly vulnerable to revenge. Painting, tying up tires, venting, and breaking glass can all happen.

3, do not park the vehicle at random. Off-street parking is to be posted by the traffic police. It does not say that every time the fine of 200 yuan, that is, offset printing of sticky paper is enough for you to wash for a long time, and even wash the glass. (That stuff is particularly sticky). Another possibility is that the car was forcibly dragged away. Automatic vehicles are regulated. If you have to put N, you can pull up to 50 kilometers at a speed of 50 yards or less (to prevent planetary gear from being damaged). Or lift the traction on all four wheels. But when you influence traffic, the car is forcibly towed, and the impoliteness of the drag may damage your automatic transmission.

4, be careful that your car was hit by someone else's door!!! The choice of empty parking spaces are large. A lot of underground parking spaces are located in the middle of two columns. The worst position is centered. Because you have cars right and left, others have the highest probability of accidentally knocking your door open. Between the leftmost and rightmost two parking spaces is the leftmost one. Because there is no car on the left side of your car, your right side car is the open side of the driver. Drivers generally understand and carefully open the door so as not to lose the balance. However, this lack of consciousness is not enough for passengers who do not drive.

5. When the two vehicles are parked side by side, there is a horizontal distance. One is to stay as far away as possible so that the door does not reach the maximum opening. This is safe. The distance is one meter two and above. If there is no way to stay away, it will simply be close to within 60 cm. Because of the closeness, everyone has opened the door and the position of getting in and out of the car is tight, and the movements are small, but nothing. The most dangerous distance is about 1 meter. 1 meter is the distance the door knocks and it is almost the maximum opening angle of the door. At that time, it was almost the maximum line speed and the maximum impact force. It almost certainly knocked out or damaged the paint.

6, summer, air-conditioning outdoor unit near the outlet carefully stopped. The air-conditioner water gets on the car paint. The left print will be very difficult to clean. It may be polished or sanded.

7. Pay attention to parking under the trees. Some trees will lose fruit in a certain season. The fruit will fall on the ground or in the car and it will be broken. The juice left behind will be like a liquid. It is relatively easy to leave bird droppings under the tree. This is a very corrosive thing and it is not treated in time.

8. On the New Year's Eve of the year, the day of the Lantern Festival and the reception of the God of Wealth and other people to set off firecrackers. The best conditions to stop the underground garage, at least to find a relatively safe location. Firecrackers definitely have the ability to destroy paint and glass. And that the yellowish mark of sulfur is also more difficult to clean.

9. Try not to deposit cash or valuables on the instrument panel so as to avoid being picked up by others for a few bucks.

Electric wire rope hoist

Maximum Load:1000-100,1000kg

This novel VT type Electric Wire Rope Hoist is made with 13 patented technologies.

As contrasted with conventional designs, the VT type electric wire rope hoist is a revolutionary new generation product. It houses many brilliant brilliant attributes, such as a superb performance, short headroom, accurate positioning, great operating comfort, and maximum security and reliability, all encompassed in a compact design. It is a multi-functioning machine that has revolutionized the way the wire rope hoist is designed and manufactured.

With a hoisting capacity ranging from 800kg to 250,000kg,the lift can take the load up to a maximum height of 103.6m.Plenty of models, Configurations and specifications exist for the hoist, from which customers are sure to find the perfect match.


Short headroom allows large vertical operating space for the wire rope hoist. Size-C hoist design leaves more vertical space for lifting. Such attribute can be hardly found in any of its contemporaries. The hoisting hook can reach much closer to the side walls. Minimum side clearance effectively enlarges the work area.

Dynadrive is designed for stable running and fast positioning. It can minimize the load sway and improve operating safety and comfort. Each component of our electric wire rope hoist is rigorously inspected and tested by our qualified engineers to ensure the safety and working efficiency the final product.

A high load factor 60% can be achieved of the motor, whose cooling performance is 30% higher than other similar products. High performance safety brake has a use life exceeding 1 million cycles. The brake can adjust itself according to the degree of wear. This design requires limited maintenance.

Large-diameter cable reel is designed for extended use life and small fleet angle. During lifting, the rope only deviates a little to the side of the drum, which ensures vertical lifting, accurate positioning, and maximum operating convenience.

Given customer needs for performance and ease of operation. ergonomic features are added to the electrical wire rope hoist to increase operating safety and comfort. Double-layer protective polypropylene coating of the pendant control station enables an IP65 rating.

Plenty of options exist, in order to accommodate various customer needs.

Non standard rail width

Special rail gauge

Radio remote control

Traveling limit switch

Derailment catches on double girder trolley

Phase protection relays

Hoist travel monitoring device

Sound and light alarm

Explosion proof and/or spark proof hoist

Load indication device

Motors thermal protection

Stainless steel hoist electrical cubicle:IP55 or IP65

Class H motors

Secondary brake

Variable speed lifting

CSA electric control

For any other special requirements, please contact us.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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