Kia Xiuchu Chuchu Kerr Korean Prince

Kia has been led by the chief designer Peter Shirell and has more and more own brand personality, and Zheer is a unique member of the Kia family. It is a square “BOX”. Although it has repeatedly been tempted, it is still the fashion charm of its personality that has been listed in many design awards after its launch. It is also the first Korean model to receive the “red dot design award”.

Recently, Luoyang Hailing Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. came to a Kia show Seoul 2010 1.6L tiptronic GL (National IV) car, such a car, it is difficult for everyone to take it seriously, after all, this hatchback car has been called "Big hamster". Let's take a look at the style of this new style urban crossover.

For detailed parameters of used Kia Xiul, please see the following table

Kia-Xiuer's air intake grille uses a sporty front net to keep the front face more dynamic, while adding a chrome trim to the exterior of the “tiger-style” family. The doorknob has also been chromed to highlight the charm of high-end in the details.

Sauer interiors: The entire central control and instrumentation area is still made of hard plastic materials, but the touch does not feel cheap. The deep-tone interior color scheme is also more in line with the self-style of Xiuer's self-proclaimed personality. It is very easy to be loved by young people.

In terms of power, Kia Sauer carries a 1.6-liter engine and is equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The maximum power is 90.4kW (123 hp)/6300rpm, and the maximum torque is 155Nm/4200rpm. The high parameter is rare in the domestic displacement, which of course is inseparable from the CVVT technology, so it is also the highlight of the engine. .

Show Seoul more beautiful and stylish appearance, interior design materials are also very real, configuration in the same level is even more highlighting the advantages of Korean cars. Compared with similar models, its biggest feature is the appearance and interior of the personality. As far as the price is concerned, some young people are still willing to pay for it.

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