How to correctly identify the terminal on the alternator

4 Adding a new type of ceramic particulate lubricant to the engine lubricating oil, so that the engine forms a ceramic film on the surface of each part of the engine during the working process, in order to prevent the contact of each part of the zero face, and reduce the parts division from the line. Friction noise 3 Dong reduce the noise caused by the friction between the tire and the road surface 1 porous live mixed Nie coping paved proud sound, road method. The advantage of porous adipose is that it has many pores, strong elasticity, can absorb a large amount of energy, can convert large vibration energy into internal heat energy, and attenuates the vibration noise when the vehicle is running. Road construction can make the road surface form a convex surface to reduce the vibration of the car body, thus reducing noise. The identification of gasoline and kerosene is more volatile than kerosene. When the fingers or sticks are stained with oil, the volatile fuel is gasoline, and the slower evaporation is kerosene.

In addition, when you have gasoline on your hands, you will feel cool and quickly evaporate, while kerosene on your hands will not dry easily.

Burning gasoline is more flammable than kerosene. Put the gasoline and kerosene in the container, use the fire bow; burn, the gasoline is immediately on fire, and the kerosene is easy to catch fire.

Smell the smell with the nose, stimulate the smell, and the vortex rotates and shakes two bottles of oil. The vortex disappears slowly for gasoline, and the vortex disappears faster is kerosene.

After watching the foam shake the two bottles of oil, the foam disappeared quickly with gasoline. The slower foam disappeared was kerosene. The fuel oil and the gear oil were carefully identified. A small amount of test oil was applied to the thick paper. The Yellow Army observed and compared the paper. On the back side, there is a penetrating oil trace which is fuel oil; there is no oil penetrating oil, and the gear oil still has good lubricity on the paper surface. It is also possible to apply the same amount of two kinds of oil on the thin paper, try to look at the fire temperature, ignite with the match, the faster burning is the fuel oil, the burning, the slower is the gear oil.

The kerosene and diesel identification technology view color kerosene, the color is light, colorless or slightly yellow. Diesel is darker in color and is light yellow or dark yellow.

When you smoke with an oil lamp, do not take it. The smoke is kerosene, and the smoke is diesel.

The same volume of oil is measured, the quality is diesel, and the small mass is kerosene.

When the vortex is shaken in the bottle, the kerosene is fast, the light and heavy diesel oil and the fuel oil recognize that the odor fuel oil has a strong burnt odor, the heavy diesel oil is second, the light diesel oil has no burnt odor, and the viscosity of the measured viscosity oil is different. Light diesel oil has the lowest viscosity, heavy diesel oil viscosity, and fuel oil viscosity.

The light diesel oil is light yellow to dark yellow, the heavy diesel oil is dark brown to green, and the fuel oil is brownish green to black.

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