The "Great Country Four" era is coming again

In recent years, severe haze weather has frequently been encountered in many places, which has greatly affected people’s normal life and health, as well as China’s international image. The central government began to make great efforts to rectify environmental problems, focusing on the more polluting automobile industry. The State Council has launched various measures to control air pollution and has shown great determination. Among them, from January 1 next year, the full implementation of the State Fourth, as well as the strict implementation of the two measures to eliminate the yellow standard car, will form a "big four" layout. Then the question arises. What impact will this have on trucks, especially the light truck market?

Industry access threshold “a rise in height”

The Industrial Policy Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued the “Announcement No. 27 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China” which is scheduled to be abolished on December 31, 2014 for the application of Guosan Automobile's emission standards. On January 1, 2015, the National Diesel Engine Products Will not sell. This means that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will fully implement the national IV emission standard from January 1st next year, and the approval of the new national vehicle announcement of the National 3rd emission standard will be finalized by the end of this year. The sales of the National III emission standard vehicle will also be completed by the end of this year. . Premier Li Keqiang’s previous report on the work of the government clearly pointed out that in 2014, the country will supply four standard diesel fuels to the country, releasing the signal that there is “no room for environmental protection standards”, which will accelerate the implementation of the national standards for the four countries.

At the end of October, the Ministry of Environmental Protection first reported the progress of the phase-out of yellow-label vehicles. Seven provinces (regions) such as Guangxi, Tibet, Hainan, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Henan, and Heilongjiang completed less than 40% of their work due to elimination, and their progress was severely delayed.

Obviously, the implementation of the "National Squadron" and "Yellow Label" car policy, "for water trucks," is an opportunity for the light-duty truck industry, which is even more challenging. The industry reshuffle will soon take place.

"Low-end power, fake country four" risen but not seen

It must be mentioned here that in the case of repeated commercial vehicle emission upgrades, some light truck companies always use speculative measures to “fake upgrades.” However, due to the lax enforcement of previous emission upgrades, the “fake country” has spread in the market and many places have “ "Fake country 4" still can hit the road normally. As a result, low-end, non-compliance light trucks are still sold, and actively responding to emission policies. The light truck companies that have invested in upgrade costs and meet discharge standards at the first time do not have an advantage in emission upgrades.

But this time the situation is obviously different. In many cities, dealers are under pressure from government supervision, taking into account the risks that their products may bring, and only helplessly choose to withdraw all of their vehicles to the warehouse. The author recently interviewed a person responsible for sales of a light truck brand. He talked about “previously. Occasionally, when there was a fraudulent State IV, this time it was the most severe one. When we saw other brands withdraw from us, we also withdrew. Now is the time when the weather is tight. If the emission is found to be unqualified, the government will fine us for the loss. When it was big, we looked ahead and now there are only Jiangling and Qingling cars in the entire store."

Some time ago, a light truck company once named in CCTV’s “National Fourth Construction Cost” news raised high-profile propaganda “to prevent fraud and only sell the real country IV and declare war on pollution”. State four sales. In the June-August period of the strict implementation of the National IV, according to the data on the card, the sales volume of the low-end light trucks dropped from 1,000 units per month to 1,000 units, until there was no sales. This confirms that in the context of the "Great Power Four," the low-end drive and the fake four light trucks will no longer rise.

Jiangling light trucks finally "hold the cloud and see the moon"

On the contrary, under the strict supervision of the National IV and Huang Biao vehicles, those enterprises that have actively responded to national policies and rely on technological means to actually complete emission upgrades are finally “seeing the moon and seeing the moon”. The biggest benefit is high-end light truck manufacturers, represented by Jiangling Motors.

In the third quarter of the country and the fake country, Jiangling light trucks do not have low-end light trucks, and the price difference between them and the low-end light trucks is more than 20,000 yuan. After the fourth year, with the increase in the emission upgrade price of low-end light trucks, the difference in this price no longer exists. Jiangling light trucks even have a slight price advantage, and the cost-effective advantages are even more apparent.

For Jiangling Motor Vehicles, which has been strictly following the national environmental protection switching regulations, “bad luck” has finally been reversed during this time of the country’s third national promotion. By vigorously promoting its national product advantages and completing the distribution of goods as quickly as possible, it has finally received a lucrative market return. Jiangling Light Trucks, as early as the implementation of the Fourth National Policy, first introduced the National IV upgrade model, the first to complete the distribution of the National IV light truck nationwide, so that the car can buy the real National IV light truck, in many There were even cases where Jiangling’s four light trucks sold out of stock. In areas such as Guangdong and Shanghai that earlier implemented the Fourth National Emission Standard, for example, Jiangling Light Trucks was highly recognized by the market for its high performance-price ratio, and boosted market share by nearly 150% year-on-year, especially in Guangdong, once due to orders. Too many products appear to be in short supply.

Experts in the industry pointed out that with the trend of “Great Power Four” rising, the car companies like Jiangling Light Trucks will face more opportunities.

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