·The 9th China Bus Industry Awards will be officially launched

The 9th Influencing China Bus Industry Series 2014-2015, hosted by China Bus Network [], will be officially launched. The event will comprehensively review, summarize and inventory the development and progress of the Chinese bus industry in 2014. Through the self-recommendation of enterprises, the selection and supervision of the organization committee, and the voting of domestic and foreign readers of China Bus Network, the selection of news, best employers, popular models, and bus application innovations will guide the mainstream car and car. Values. The relevant person in charge of the China Bus Network introduced the selection time from December 3, 2014 to January 2, 2015, which lasted one month.
The Organizing Committee of the China Bus Industry Series Activities will launch the annual summary inventory activities of the bus industry to the climax step by step through the series of activities, and meet the future of the Chinese bus industry in 2015 in the summary review.
In the 2014-2015 ninth session of the China Bus Industry Series, 50 domestic and foreign companies such as Jinlong Bus, Golden Passenger Car, Zhongtong Bus, Yutong Bus, Haige Bus, Cummins, Yuchai, Allison and ZF were obtained. The participation of well-known bus and parts companies, the online participation of the selection activities is mainly carried out through the annual online survey of China Bus Network. The majority of netizens can vote for the most recommended products, and express their own experience, expectations and borrowing of the products. This true and intuitive transmission of opinions and opinions of netizens.
The 2014-2015 annual activities affecting the Chinese bus industry include: “2014 China Bus Industry Top Ten News”, “2014 China Bus Industry Best Employer”, “2015 China Market Recommended Model”, “2015” "Recommended models for new energy buses", "2015 recommended models for overseas markets", "2015 recommended products for passenger cars", "2015 special school bus selection", "2014 passenger car industry zero emission star selection", " 2014 Bus Industry Safety Star Awards, “2014 Bus Industry Emission Reduction Star Selection” and “Technology Innovation Essay Activities”.
As early as 2005, the “Influenced China Bus Industry Series” was launched, and it has been in its ninth year. It is reported that the judges of this event are still a large and professional readers at home and abroad in China Bus Network and China Bus English Network. In the eighth event in 2013, more than 700,000 effective readers voted. At the same time, the event invited some senior leaders of passenger transport enterprises, bus user representatives, senior industry experts in the bus industry, mainstream media leaders, and senior leaders of some bus companies to serve as “expert judges”. They will not only participate in the various evaluations, but also supervise this selection. The notarization and objectivity of the data.
As Wu Yongqiang, editor-in-chief of China Bus Network, said in an interview: "In 2014, we witnessed the efforts and gains made by the Chinese bus industry in energy conservation and emission reduction. We also listened to the changes in the Chinese bus industry in the face of adversity. We have learned to precipitate in progress. In the turmoil, we have learned how to choose. Under pressure, some of us have set off the banner of "innovation" and are moving forward step by step... behind every news hotspot. There are corresponding stories happening, each case can explore some new business and experience, how to promote the harmonious co-prosperity of the Chinese bus industry, we also need to share, think and summarize together. This is what we are holding to influence the bus industry. The original intention of the event.
Influence is an invisible force. Everyone is affected and affects others. Influence is the driving force for everyone's growth. The China Bus Activity Committee encourages everyone to review, think, inventory and summarize developments in the past year through the activities of the past, and to use positive, excellent and successful to influence negative, poor and failed. The healthy development of the entire Chinese bus industry. To participate in the activities affecting the Chinese bus industry, please contact the 9th Influential Bus Industry Organizing Committee to learn more about the activities affecting the bus industry. Please visit the official website of the China Bus Industry Campaign: http:// .com/yx

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