·In the first 10 months of Manzhouli Port, the import of auto parts exceeded 5 billion

Recently, according to Manzhouli Customs, in the first ten months of this year, the import of auto parts and components through Manzhouli Port was 5.118 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 59.7%.

In order to boost the import of auto parts, Manzhouli Customs has introduced a number of measures. This level comprehensively carried out the activities of “changing the style of work and promoting development and optimizing services into 100 enterprises”. The leaders led the team to visit and investigate the company, and deeply understand the difficulties in the production and operation of the enterprise, and provide one-to-one service to the auto parts import enterprises. The customs also deepened the classification and customs reform, set up special posts for individual orders according to commodity classification, set early warning parameters to identify the risk level of customs declaration forms, and implemented “computer automatic review” for low-risk customs declaration to ensure fast customs clearance of low-risk customs declarations. The high-risk customs declarations will be reviewed and inspected to help the integrity enterprises to enter the customs clearance highway.

Manzhouli customs analysts pointed out that the growth of domestic automobile production and sales has greatly stimulated the market demand for spare parts. At present, the production and assembly of China's auto companies has not yet fully realized localization, and key spare parts such as engines and gearboxes still rely heavily on foreign imports. According to statistics, foreign brands occupy about 70% of China's auto parts market share, and are in a dominant position in the middle and high-end market. Compared with the whole vehicle, the domestic spare parts industry is not large in scale. Production technology and product development are still in the stage of introduction and imitation. A considerable number of enterprises lack core competitiveness, industrial concentration is low, and specialization and socialization are not high. , R & D and marketing capabilities are weak. The independent domestic-funded spare parts enterprises are in a marginalized situation, and the market share is shrinking rapidly year by year, and the living conditions are not optimistic. To this end, Manchuria Customs analysts gave suggestions: First, continue to deepen anti-monopoly investigations, gradually cancel the "super national treatment" of some foreign-funded enterprises, implement standardized management of preferential policies and incentive policies; second, increase the monitoring of the automobile market. Establish a normalization management mechanism for spare parts prices.

2.5 Inch FRP Pressure Vessel

End Entry Design

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Can accommodate any standard make of 2.5" Membrane Element
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Max. Operating Temp.: 150°F / 66°C
Factory Test Pressure: 1.5x Design Pressure
Internal permeate port not to exceed 125PSI(0.88MPa)
Operating pH Range: 3 – 11
Cleaning pH Range: 2 – 12 (less than 30 minutes)
Please operate in accordance with User Manual.

2.5 Inch FRP Pressure Vessel

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