Microsoft Adds Azure Website Management Feature

The software giant Microsoft's Azure platform as a cloud service provides users with secure websites and Web-based applications, and now it will also provide developers and administrators with more management and monitoring options. Josh, the senior project leader of the Microsoft Azure website, wrote in a blog: "His team has launched several detailed new features and website enhancements to help customers focus more closely on their Azure-supported websites. New website extensions include PHP diagnostic reports."
Prior to this update, capturing and analyzing PHP dumps and digging through useful information required time, resources, and lots of storage. Josh wrote in his blog: "In order to increase efficiency in these situations, we have developed new features to be added to the PHP process." He added: "The new PHP analysis report will be provided on the site, and users can further expose it. More detailed information, including thread stack trace data, thread processor usage, and all other PHP process list parameters." In a separate blog post, Josh said he will add new self-services including troubleshooting and diagnostics Features to Azure Support Portal.

For easy removal of the Cutter Head , the ladder front piece is fitted with an eye to lock the cutter and unscrew it by reversing the hydraulic motor. In case this does not suffice, the assembly also has a `flame cut ring. After cutting away this ring, the cutter head will be loosened on the thread of the shaft.The box-type design is best suited for mounting a submersible Dredge Pump. This is a stronger design for heavy duty and longer wear life, because the box-type makes the whole Cutter Ladder heavier than the pipe-type. The use of a submersible pump allows for a larger dredged density at depth.

Photo of our Cutter Ladder:

Cutter Ladder

The cutter ladder front parts are of a pipe or a box-type rigid design, complete with the cutter drive motor, cutter shaft, cutter shaft bearing and side wire swivel blocks. The unit can simply be mounted to the ladder of the dredge, connect hydraulics, greasing and flushing water and is then ready for use. The unit's extra sturdy design ensures a long lifetime.

Cutter ladder is a Cutter Suction Dredger component. The cutter ladder front part is fitted with a cone in order to get an optimal flow of solids into the Suction Mouth. The suction mouth is also designed for this purpose. The high-efficiency slow running hydraulic motor drives the cutter shaft and cutter directly. The high starting torque of the motor helps to prevent the cutter from getting stuck. 

Our Technology and Quality:

Offering our client best possible and most sustainable solutions to their requirement. Production procedure

Step1: Drawing and technical requirement analysis, production lofting;

Step2: Material cutting, trimming, groove, cleaning, bending, rolling, dimension & NDT inspection

Step3: From part assemble to whole assemble with accurate template and platform, dimension & NDT inspection, welding, dimension & NDT inspection;

Step3: Casting, forging, stamping, machining if necessary

Step4: Final dimension & NDT inspection;

Step5: Surface treatment;

Step6: Package, Loading and Lashing when delivery;

Our service

Besides above the general specifications, we can also supply some specific pontoons and other similar steel structure as clients' requirements.


Package and shipping

bulk package and bulk vessel transportation

frame container package and frame container transportation

Production and equipment

UniSite knows the importance of advanced technology, equipment, quality and continuously invests in advanced equipment. 
Equipment list:
pipeline production equipment
machining equipment
welding equipment
bending press equipment
rolling equipment
shears equipment
CNC plasma cutting equipment
advanced paint room and equipment
auxiliary equipment

Cutter Ladder

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