Google's Loon project is poised to take off

Search giant Google’s Loon project seems to be gaining momentum. The project uses a high air balloon to provide Internet connectivity to rural and remote areas around the world. In a recent blog post, Google Inc. said that it has launched 20 balloons for Loon projects. Each balloon is estimated to stay in the air for at least 100 days. Google started pilot testing for the first time. The balloon was in New Zealand in June 2013. Since then, Google’s high air balloons have traveled a total of 1.9 million miles, and their adjustment has made them more durable, reliable, and manoeuvrable than ever.
Google said that each dragon balloon needs to be as light as possible. The design of the balloon enables it to fly approximately 65,000 feet high in the stratosphere, almost twice as high as a commercial airliner and even reaching the height of a weather balloon. Complex software algorithms can determine that each balloon forms a continuous communication network in the sky. Google said: "We have introduced more durable stratospheric balloons. We need to ensure that we can accurately manipulate them. By continuously counting thousands of simulation trajectories, we have proved to be quite close to our goal."

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