New Tire Technology: Green Road Trips

As we all know, noise is seriously disturbing our daily life, and traffic noise pollution has also been a common phenomenon. As long as the horn sounds suddenly on the road, the tire noise heard by the brakes may have lost half of the day's good mood. Coupled with hot summer broiled, it is even more upsetting. Have the owners thought about starting from self and avoid making noise and being a road mute family?
The effective treatment of fetal noise and improved driving comfort is a difficult problem that Cooper Tire needs to overcome. The Cooper Zeonc7 passenger tire adopts a technical coup that is “stopped and scattered”. Speaking of “blocking”, the method used for the Cooper ZEONC7 passenger tires is to design “sound barriers” on both sides of the tread in the direction of the longitudinal lines, that is, to prevent noise from penetrating the stripes, but to block it. Inside the barrier to achieve a silent effect. When it comes to "dispersive", it must be mentioned that Cooper Tire's unique MCT memory comfort technology (MemorableComfortTechnology).
MCT's memory comfort technology relies mainly on shock absorbing layers and fillers. The solid-plated Zeonc7 passenger tires increase the thickness of the tread shock-absorbing layer, and can more effectively disperse the impact force of the road surface during vehicle travel. Especially when the vehicle passes over uneven roads, the owner can clearly feel that the vibration is dispersed and filtered. After the stability and quietness, comfort is improved. The filling material on the sidewall is designed to be softer and more elastic than ever before. After being impacted by the ground, it can quickly restore the balance of the previous memory and bring the owner back to the comfortable driving feeling. The Cooper Zeonc7 passenger car tires are professionally tested before they leave the factory. The results show that under the same road conditions and the same vehicle conditions, the vibration amplitude of the Cooper Zeonc7 passenger car tires is significantly smaller, and the vibration time is also significantly reduced.
It is the responsibility of each of us to create a quiet and civilized urban environment. Do not allow noise pollution to continue to erode our symbiotic city. The Cooper Zeonc7 passenger tires provided green travel solutions for the quiet driving of the owners, reduced noise pollution, and provided support for creating a quiet and civilized urban living environment.

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