The development of instrumentation industry still faces shortages

The development of instrumentation industry still faces shortages In 2013, China’s import and export trade volume exceeded US$4 trillion for the first time, among which, China’s instrumentation exports increased significantly, showing a strong development trend and becoming an important link in boosting China’s trade growth. Despite this, China's instrumentation industry still faces serious deficiencies. One of the manifestations is the backwardness of independent research and development of high-end instruments. It is estimated that more than 90% of China's high-end equipment needs to rely on imports. Under such circumstances, improving the research and development of instruments of Chinese science and technology companies has become one of the key points in the development of the instrumentation industry.

In the past few years, the annual growth rate of low and medium single digits has been the norm for leading global analytical and life science instrument companies. Restrictions on U.S. R&D spending, a weak European economy, and a slowdown in the growth of emerging markets are all challenges that these companies have seen.

In response, many companies have turned to trading decisions to drive their own growth. In 2014, mergers and acquisitions that occurred in the past few years will greatly change the status of the instrument industry. In 2013, the prominent method of life science instrument field performance was 'play acquisition', Goldman Sachs stock analyst Isaac Ro told customers in a report at the end of 2013.

China is a developing country, and the instrumentation industry has a gap of 10-15 years compared with developed countries. However, in the developing countries, China is the largest and most complete and most powerful country in the instrumentation industry. China has a large demand for instrumentation and is one of the fastest growing countries. The growth rate of instrumentation in the world is 3% to 4%. China has achieved an annual growth rate of more than 20% for four consecutive years, and some products already account for one-tenth of the world's total.

The development of China's instrumentation industry is an indispensable and important part of boosting China's becoming a trading power. In 2014, with the gradual improvement of the world economic situation, China will have more and more instrumentation equipments on the international market stage and gradually join the ranks of international competition.

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