LED lighting products or usher in the DIY era

360 free! Killed the once powerful anti-virus software brand! Market, 58 city free! Replaced a lot of junk, recruitment, housing agency! WeChat free! Beyond the Big Mac operator who receives SMS charges! The unstoppable trend of the Internet and free has come to our lives!
Everything based on information asymmetry will gradually be subverted by the Internet! In the past, the production of lighting lighting core light source requires a lot of investment and technology as well as the management team. Small businesses and individuals can hardly get involved. Due to information asymmetry, manufacturers at the upper, middle and lower levels of the lighting and lighting industry have a large profit margin. Still live more moisturizing! When the lighting and lighting industry entered the LED era of today, countless small and medium-sized manufacturers and individual silks flocked into the industry, because LED products have not been integrated as in the past, and can be correspondingly The accessories are assembled. Today, China's lighting accessories industry has been divided into order, and the development is leaps and bounds. Take a 3 watt LED bulb: 0.1 yuan for the lamp head, 0.5 yuan for the resistance-capacitor drive, and 0.6 for the fiberglass board. Yuan, plastic lamp holder and spherical acrylic lampshade 0.25 yuan, if equipped with a neutral outer packaging of 0.1 yuan, you can DIY assembled an LED bulb lamp, the cost of an LED bulb is only about 1.6 yuan each ! Compared with the retail price of more than 10 yuan on the market, the price of a LED bulb is several times or even ten times different!
As long as you find or search for related lighting accessories on the China Merchants Trade and Trade Platform, you can find the corresponding lighting accessories. When this asymmetrical information is subverted by the Internet, in addition to sighing the profits of the lighting industry, can some small businesses and individual practitioners in the lighting industry still be able to withstand it? This information has made many lighting and small businesses and individual practitioners or the shopkeepers of thousands of Taobao e-commerce companies cheer and choose their own parts suppliers for procurement, assembly, own use or sales.
For example: LED ceiling light and LED downlight are also a product with more lights in the engineering or home decoration field. The price of buying a 3W LED ceiling light in Taobao shop is generally 10 to 30 yuan, and to the professional lighting website. Search or search for ceiling lamp accessories: with LED light source patch aluminum substrate 1.5 yuan each, lens 0.2 yuan, car aluminum lamp shell 1.8 yuan each, drive 2 yuan each, if equipped with a neutral outer packaging 0.2 yuan The price of a ceiling light is about 5.7 yuan each.
The LED ceiling lamp is a product with more lamps in the home decoration. Generally, a three-bedroom, two-bedroom, one kitchen and one bathroom room requires three to five ceiling lamps. In the Taobao shop, a 10W to 20W ceiling lamp is priced at 50 to 80 yuan, and the online store price will be more expensive. If you go to China LED light distribution online search or search for ceiling lamp accessories: chassis 3 yuan each, with LED light source patch aluminum substrate 7 yuan each, acrylic mask 6 yuan each, drive 6 yuan each, if equipped with a medium Sexual outer packaging of 3 yuan each, you can DIY assembled an LED ceiling lamp out, the cost of an LED ceiling lamp is only about 25 yuan each!
Under the LED era and the big picture, the lighting products will save money and have a personalized DIY will make many lighting lighting small enterprises and individual practitioners or thousands of e-commerce shopkeepers cheering, happy big Ben! This information will also be quickly transmitted to the general public or consumers by the Internet. LED lighting products may usher in the feast of the DIY era? Maybe this is not a maybe!

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