"Limited orders" rumors still hover over Nanjing

"Limited orders" rumors still hover over Nanjing
Recently, netizens often see such net posts on the Internet. “Nanjing Automobiles have to limit their licences.” “The vehicle management office has already purchased the machine used to shake the number. It is being debugged.” Many net posts have indicated that Nanjing will limit the licensing. However, many Nanjing citizens believe it. Although the former party secretary of Nanjing City, Yang Weize, and Nanjing Mayor Min Ruilin once stated that Nanjing will not limit the licensing this year, and it will not “limit the licensing of one night”, but the citizens are still buying cars earlier and buy the car and then go to the vehicle management station. .
On May 5th, the rumors of the fabrication of Nanjing's restricted vehicle license by Mr. Bun were seized by Nanjing police and punished according to law. It is understood that Shum is a sales manager at a Nanjing Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Since March 27 this year, in order to improve sales performance, Mr. Bund had deliberately released rumors on the Internet several times, claiming that Nanjing Automobile had to restrict the licensing. In order to increase credibility, he also stated that Nanjing Vehicle Administration had purchased The Yaohao machine is debugging. This statement caused the public to rush to buy a car, virtually increasing the sales performance of a beam.

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