Traditional lighting enterprise transformation needs to be planned

If we say that in the past few years, traditional lighting companies with professional channel resources are thinking about whether to transform LEDs, then, in the face of the current LED development trend, it is not to think about whether to transform LEDs, but to plan how to transform.
The environment for industrial development is changing rapidly. Opportunities and challenges coexist. Although everyone is equal before the opportunity, it is clear that those who are prepared have more opportunities and preferences.
In the traditional lighting era, the industry has developed to a fairly mature stage, and the market has shown a pattern of several major brands.
At present, Foshan Lighting, Sunshine Lighting, NVC Lighting, Sanxiong and Op Lighting have all started their own LED transformation. The road to transformation is long. In order to make up for the shortcomings of LED lighting, many companies choose to cooperate with each other.
The most interesting of the traditional lighting transformation companies is NVC and Buddha. After a fight, NVC lighting was badly hurt, almost collapsed, and suddenly a dramatic turn, on January 11, 2013, Wu Changjiang was once again appointed as CEO of NVC Lighting, and returned to the board on June 21 of the same year. Regain control. At this point, the NVC internal dust that began in May 2012 was settled.
In 2013, the LED lighting market developed rapidly. The stable adjustment of NVC Lighting's corresponding strategic deployment increased the promotion of LED products, and paralleled the marriage of Deer Runda.
Once Dehao Runda invested in NVC lighting, it once triggered high-decibel questioning and infinite conjecture. After a period of more than a year, this hand has been getting better. Recently, Dehao Runda has increased its investment in NVC Lighting and is optimistic about the future of LED.
The road to the transformation of Dengwang Foshan Lighting is obviously not smooth. In order to cope with the sluggishness of the incandescent lamp market, Foshan Lighting has targeted the new energy that investors are pursuing and actively seeks to transform into new energy. Unexpectedly, in 2011, the Foshan Lithium Energy and Fozhao Lithium Battery cathode materials, which were established by Foshan Lighting, suffered a loss of 21.03 million yuan and 2.94 million yuan respectively. Foshan Lighting suffered a series of unsatisfactory encounters on the road of new energy expansion. In 2013, Foshan Lighting originally planned to open Foshan's first pure electric bus line due to immature technology. At this time, Foshan Lighting's former chairman Zhong Xincai also fell into the vortex of related transactions. The Foshan lighting claim case was full of twists and turns, and the number of claims in the three batches of claims was 180 million yuan.
Foshan lighting lawsuits are riddled with one heart and only want to be quick and confusing. Faced with the development opportunities of LED lighting, Foshan Lighting has clearly concentrated its main business in the field of LED lighting.
A recent news, once again let the light king become a high-frequency vocabulary that people talk about: Foshan lighting LED bulbs once again refreshed impressive results, sales of up to 12 million / month, Foshan lighting LED bulbs only sell 3 yuan. For a time, Foshan Lighting became the price killer in the LED industry.
The strength of traditional distribution channels, regardless of NVC or Buddha photos, the road to transformation is not easy but it is also successful. Including Sunshine and Op, these traditional lighting giants have entered the field of LED lighting, and they have shown a relatively superior market advantage and good cost control.
Foshan Lighting has a large distribution channel covering the whole country. In terms of quantity, there are nearly 3,000 dealership stores nationwide, and it is expected to further expand to 4000-5000 this year and next.
NVC Lighting has a market potential of county-level and township cities with 37 exclusive regional distributors and 3,299 specialty stores.
Corresponding to the advantages of developing offline channels, Fozhao, Sunshine, NVC, Sanxiong and Opus have opened channels for e-commerce platforms such as Tmall flagship stores, Jingdong and Amazon. By building self-operated stores, establishing online distribution systems and realizing lines Link up and down in order to better promote their own brand.
Obviously, for traditional lighting companies, in the field of LED lighting, only companies with strong competitiveness in the four major factors of channel, production, brand and scale can become a new LED lighting giant.
Xiaobian has something to say:
The current world lighting pattern is changing, incandescent lamps are gradually withdrawing from the historical stage, and LED lights have obvious advantages over energy-saving lamps. The transformation of LEDs in traditional lighting enterprises is imperative, and it is necessary to make decisions on the basis of the situation, and to conduct careful demonstration and steady planning to achieve the most magnificent transformation.

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