Method for rough milling large modulus gear teeth by three-sided edge milling cutter

It is suitable for milling large diameter gears with a three-sided milling cutter on a conventional gear hobbing machine; and for milling gears with a diameter larger than 2.5 m, it is required to be carried out on a machine tool with a dedicated tool holder. In the processing method, the metal between the gear teeth does not have to all become chips, so that a part of the metal falls in a long strip shape. Since the number of teeth of the three-sided milling cutter is 4-6 times more than that of the finger milling cutter, the number of teeth per minute can be increased accordingly. The amount is given, thereby increasing the productivity of the milling teeth.
In other aspects, the use of three-sided milling cutters between the milling cutters can greatly reduce the high-speed steel consumption of each tool and reduce the tool cost. When the three-sided edge milling cutter is processed, only the peripheral cutting edge participates in the cutting, and the cutter gear flow is subjected to force, the heat dissipation is good, the chip removal is convenient, and the tool durability is improved, and the finger milling cutter is closed for cutting, which is not easy to dissipate heat, and the end tooth is easy. Damaged, household ladders Three-face milling cutters are cheaper than finger-milling cutters, and have good versatility. Milling gears have a large modulus and a large number of teeth, unlike a finger-milling cutter that requires a tool.
For the determination of the distance between the milling cutters, for large-size spur gears with a number of teeth of 10 or more and a diameter of not more than 2 m, it is possible to rough-mill the teeth with a three-faced milling cutter on a common gear hobbing machine, between the two milling cutters on the arbor The distance is equal to the sum of the length of the common normal and the machining allowance (in the axial direction of the milling cutter, the finishing allowance of the one side of the tooth is generally 1 to 1.6 mm). The method of rough milling large modulus gears with three-sided milling cutter has the advantages of high efficiency, long tool life, low cost, good versatility, etc., and the long strip metal cut can also be recycled to make other small parts. .

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