Science fiction or technology NASA developed rapid healing technology

Recently, NASA worked with a company to develop a new technology that can quickly heal wounds. The device is very similar to the one in the movie Star Trek. This technology may be applied to the International Space Station in the near future.

NASA signed a contract with GRoK Technologies of Texas, USA, to research a new type of biotechnology equipment. One of them can replicate human skin cells, while the other can directly help treat body pain from the outside. The principle is to allow users to build 3D models for testing on objects and so on. Compared with the current practice, doing so will greatly increase the safety and effectiveness of testing, greatly improving the accuracy of testing, reliability and reducing costs. Another device is an external treatment device for relieving musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. For example, using this device to wipe back and forth on the skin will enhance the body's ability to relieve pain and does not involve chemical use during this process.
The development of this patented technology will undoubtedly advance our understanding and realm of the entire biomedical technology. GRoK founder and CEO Mosh Kesman said: "This is no longer just science fiction. Now all the phenomena show that 21st century biotechnology will change dramatically in the next few decades, and GRoK is laying this The direction of the stock tide."

The fore equipment of Two-for-one twister for chemical fibers. Fancy twisting machine and cover yarn machine make different types material into double cone shape or parallel bobbins for those machines using, and supplying the yarn merging function for regular materials.

1. Drive: every spindle per motor
2. Winding speed: 300-1000 M/min
3. Has function of auto stop when yarn break.
4. Package Dia≤ 250mm; Take-up Traverse: 150mm;
5. Each spindle with length counter;
6. Advanced control panel;

High-Speed Winding Machine

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