The future of CNC cutting machine is huge

The requirements of the cutting quality and cutting accuracy of the metal sheet are constantly increasing in the modern mechanical processing industry, and the functional requirements of the CNC cutting machine are also constantly increasing. CNC cutting machine has the characteristics of high cutting speed, precision and cutting quality. However, these characteristics must be continuously expanded to meet the market demand. The development of CNC cutting machines must inevitably adapt to the needs of the modern machinery processing industry.
Compared with the current features of several commonly used CNC cutting machine, the function of CNC flame cutting machine has been more perfect. The application of automatic cutting software for cutting code, the unique advantages of cutting thick plates and the low investment cost, CNC flame cutting machine has been the leader in the current cutting industry.
CNC plasma cutting machine has a wide range of cutting, cutting speed, high efficiency and so on. However, there are still large groove defects in the cutting of medium-thickness plates, and therefore they are only used to cut thin plates. The direction of development lies in the improvement of plasma power technology and the coordination of numerical control systems and plasma power supplies.
CNC laser cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting speed, precision and cutting quality. The high cost and localization lag are the bottlenecks that restrict the development of CNC laser cutting machines. However, the future of CNC laser cutting machine manufacturing has great business opportunities. The state emphasizes that it is necessary to revitalize the manufacturing industry, which brings development opportunities for the application of laser cutting technology.
CNC high-pressure water jet cutting machine is suitable for cutting and cutting of any material with high precision and no thermal deformation. It is an environmentally friendly cutting method. Extremely high production costs and lagging water jet technology severely restrict its popularization and application. However, CNC high-pressure water jet cutting machine will be the development direction of CNC cutting machine.

Downhole motor is the equipment for directional drilling. Directional drilling is a way to drill the target stratum along with the designed axial line. To do this, except applying downhole motor, it is required to use a complete system, combined with float sub, bent sub, steel collar, non-magnetic collar, stabilizer, bit as well as MWN system. Our downhole motor is one of the drilling tool to perform this operation.

Downhole Motors

Downhole Motors

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