4G technology "stands out" smart home or become a new growth point

After several years of preparation, smart homes are no longer high-priced goods, but gradually start from the high-end. Ordinary people find that as long as they spend a little money, they can also buy a smart home system that was previously enjoyed by the exclusive rich. With a mobile phone, you can get your daily life and live a veritable lazy life. The smart home industry is in the midst of a market outbreak, and the emergence of 4G applications has accelerated the pace of industry-friendly people.
Smart homes will become the next smart spot in the market. It is an advanced communication network technology that combines various subsystems related to home life, enabling information sharing and communication within the home. Information exchange with the home external network through the home smart gateway. The main goal of smart home is to provide people with an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment that integrates services and management. The smart home system is the application of the Internet of Things system, and the Internet of Things era will greatly change the way people live.
The industry roughly estimates the smart home market space from the perspective of potential users: After the cost declines, 100 million potential household users, assuming that each household has an annual investment of 1,000 yuan in smart home, that is, there is a market space of 100 billion yuan.
The smart home industry will become the next market explosion point, and the current industry is entering an early stage of economic growth. Zheshang Securities believes that the accelerated development of the smart home industry is mainly driven by the dual-engine promotion of smart cities and Internet of Things, coupled with the increase in the popularity and application development of mobile Internet, and the expansion of cloud computing from the professional field to the residential consumer demand field, enabling smart homes. The scale of the industry has expanded rapidly. Zheshang Securities believes that the smart home industry will form hundreds of billions of markets each year.
Smart home faces the trouble of bandwidth network In January 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 3G operation licenses for the three major operators, marking the beginning of China's communications market into the 3G era. The three major operators have launched 3G wireless monitoring services, relying on their own 3G wireless network, the video surveillance and anti-theft alarm functions are perfectly integrated, bringing people a new wireless network video monitoring experience. The emergence of 3G has undoubtedly brought an opportunity for the development of home monitoring, but five years have passed, and home monitoring has not yet fully spread.
At present, the reasons for restricting the development of 3G wireless monitoring home application field are as follows: 1. The application of 3G in the field of wireless video surveillance has just started. There is no open and unified industry standard, private standards are not compatible, and large-scale promotion is difficult. Heavy; 2, 3G network stability, coverage is a key issue at present; Third, 3G costs make home users discouraged.
Although 3G networks have been covered in some urban hotspots, the number of 3G base stations is not enough, resulting in unstable networks in certain areas; there is no coverage of 3G networks in second- and third-tier cities, economically underdeveloped areas and vast rural areas. To a certain extent, it has become a constraint on the development of the home wireless mobile surveillance market. There are two reasons for this: 1. The cost of 3G is relatively high, and the monitoring video below SD (including SD) can only be transmitted in the case of 3G network.
The networked, intelligent and high-definition of home monitoring has become another level of self-pursuit of the security industry. But the intelligence of home monitoring is based on the development of network technology and high-definition technology. Network low speed is the bottleneck of family security development, but the problem is still not solved very well.
4G lays the foundation for the development of smart home industry After the introduction of smart home concept in China in 2000, people learned about intelligent life through various media such as TV, advertising and magazines. The emergence of 4G is to promote the development of smart homes. Mobile video intercom, video surveillance and other functions have created huge opportunities for the development of smart home industry, and also promote the concept of intelligent, let the smart home industry intelligence The concept of decoration is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
In particular, the increase in network uplink and downlink speed will greatly promote the data transmission of smart home appliances and home security in smart homes. Later, the owner is on a business trip abroad, and wants to check the living conditions or video conversations of the children and the elderly at home through the mobile phone. Or, when the gangster breaks into the door and enters the home, the mobile phone receives the alarm signal and video picture sent by the sensor. The owner can check the whereabouts of the gangster through the mobile phone at any time, and can immediately send an alarm signal to the community security.
4G is a powerful catalyst for the smart home industry. The 4G era is striking. Networking, intelligence and data are the common trends of global industry development. High-speed mobile broadband will undoubtedly make many technology fantasy become reality. Smart home is important. One. The arrival of the 4G era will definitely further promote the promotion of smart homes. The good news launched by the 4G network during the year will undoubtedly further stimulate the development of the industry. With the promulgation of the favorable policies of the country, the development of the smart home industry has provided a relaxed and comfortable environment, which further laid the confidence of the company's development.
At present, domestic and foreign enterprises are full of strength, sharpening the knife to cut the cake, the industry competition is intensifying, while the price is gradually lower, the market has even a thousand yuan of affordable packages appear, it seems to be a high-tech smart home entry Ordinary families are only a matter of time and will not be long. In such an era of rapid development, 4G will surely lead smart homes to the forefront of the times.

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