Fulu's advanced ultra-high pressure equipment

Flow's ultra-high pressure equipment is capable of 24 hours of continuous uninterrupted operation at a steady working pressure of 4,137 bar or 600 OPsi, which is unimaginable for many imitation products. Since Flow's accumulators are almost twice as large as other brands, their pressure pulses are maintained at IO3bar, or below 1500 psi. This is the lowest pressure differential UHP pump that can be seen. The stable cutting pressure makes the cut of the cutting workpiece smoother and more consistent. Flow's ultra-high pressure pump power ranges from 25 hp to 200 hp (lhp = 745.7 W) and can be purchased for a variety of specific applications.

A simple but highly accurate cutting blade. Flow's Pae-3 sandpaper cutting head consists of only five components that have a good focus, so you can quickly install them without special tools. The high-quality materials and high-precision focusing of the dry ruby ​​ruby ​​nozzle and the sand knife tube do not cause the common asymmetry wear of the hole of the sand knife tube, and its service life is several times that of the general product, which reduces the use cost.

FlowMaster Software System Flow's FlowMaster intelligent software control system is specifically designed for waterjet cutting systems to maximize the productivity of waterjet cutters. The system operates in the W plus dows common format and has been fully cultured, allowing field operators with no programming and waterjet experience to quickly master the system. Sand knife system Flow's paser-3 sand volume adjustment and sand feeding system has been improved several times and has successfully achieved the best Flow Ultra-high pressure water jet technology.

Advanced finite element analysis design and rotating nut technology use finite element analysis design (FEA) cutting-edge machine design software to test and analyze geometric tolerances and machine stresses as well as dynamic operation in the design of all of Flow's machine tools. influences. Through the simulation analysis of high-speed operation and overload, Flow's waterjet machine has optimized the minimum deformation and vibration. Compared to the ball screw rotary drive, Flow's rotary nut drive technology offers unique dynamics and precision.

Reasonable machine configuration The machine configuration of Flow's machine tools saves floor space, and the integrated design reduces unnecessary components and makes the operation and maintenance of the equipment easier. The fast water level adjustment function allows underwater cutting. The built-in loading and unloading roller makes loading and unloading of the cutting workpiece more convenient. A wholly-owned subsidiary with offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. At present, Flow's equipment has been widely used in many industries in China, such as metal processing industry, automobile manufacturing, aerospace industry, glass industry, ceramic industry, stone industry, paper industry, petrochemical industry, cleaning and surface treatment industries.


AH(R) Series Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps are cantilevered horizontal, centrifugal slurry pumps .They adopt the vertical axial middle open type and double casing structure. They are designed for handling high abrasive, high-density slurries in alumina, copper, electric utilities, phosphate, coal, building products, Iron ore, lead & zinc and other industrial departments etc. The pumps of this type may also be installed in multistage or/and in series.

Product Feature

1.The flow-passing parts is made of wear-resisting metal or rubber liner, has the good wear-resisting, the corrosion resistance and the high reliability.

2. Large diameter impeller and low running speed design, has higher service life and lower running cost.

3. High capacity bearing design, using grease or oil lubrication to adapt to different operating conditions.

4. The clearance between the impeller and the cover plate could be adjusted to ensure the pump to operate at high efficiency point.

5. The shaft seal adopts packing seal, expeller drive seal and mechanical seal, which adapts to different working conditions.

6. The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degree by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installation and application.

AH(R) Series Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps

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