The shrinking LED lamp and the energy saving lamp

According to the latest LED bulb retail price survey results of global market research institutions, the prices of LED bulbs in all parts of the country have basically declined in June this year. The average retail price of LED bulbs used to replace 40W has dropped slightly by 2.7 to US$15.6, of which China The price drop is most obvious. The global average price of replacing 60W LED bulbs in the world fell slightly by 1.6 to reach US$23.4.
In addition, according to the National Energy Network, the price difference between LED lights and energy-saving lamps is rapidly narrowing. Compared with traditional light sources, LED lamps have the advantages of low energy consumption and long service life, but their high price has become an important reason for hindering the explosion of LED lamps. However, in the past two years, the cost of LED chips and packaging has dropped significantly, and the price of LED lights has also dropped significantly.
It is not difficult to see that since the end of this year, many LED lighting brands have gradually reduced the price of lighting products and started to develop into the home lighting market. Due to the rapid development of the LED lighting market, users have more and more choices of products, which puts higher requirements on the price of products. Coupled with the gradual maturity of LED lighting products, the cost of products has also decreased, which also allows The price of the product is lowered.
According to the US Department of Energy, LED lighting products will not only increase in luminous efficiency, but also reduce the cost of LED chips and reduce the cost of packaging. The price of LED finished lamps will fall into the range of people-friendly, and promote the further popularization of LED lighting.

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