Concrete mixer circuit and tire considerations

Concrete mixer circuit and tire considerations

The circuit system of the mixer truck is an important part of the maintenance of the mixer truck. Some drivers encounter the situation where the engine of the concrete mixer is not easy to start or is weak during rainy weather. The biggest reason for this problem is the leakage due to moisture from the ignition system. When encountering such a situation, what should the driver's friends do? Here we take a closer look at the causes and the methods of handling.

1. The rim quality must be guaranteed

With good tires, choose a better quality rim. When we choose rims, we must pay attention to its size and quality. After cleaning the rims for impurities (not to be left in the interior), apply a combination of tires after the rims have been coated with soapy water for a week. At this time, you also need a suitable tire pad to reduce tire and rim wear.

2 before the tire on the road, do a good job of anti-sticking

After the tires are bought back, the cardmates who may not pay attention will be directly loaded on the car. It was not until after the tires in use were inflated that the inner tube and the outer tire were firmly stuck together. After exhausting his power, he finally pulled out the inner tube - only part of the inner tube, and there was still a part of it that couldn't be pulled out of the tire. This requires us to dismantle the tyres before loading the tyres on the tyres. The common method is to isolate talcum powder between the tyres inside and outside.

3. The tire pressure standard is learned, reasonable inflation loss

Each tire is marked with its tire pressure value. There is a widespread phenomenon of overcharging and unreasonable inflation in the country. This is not desirable. Excessively high or low tire pressure can lead to increased tread wear and even puncture. We can increase 5% to 10% according to the tire pressure standard, and reasonably pressurize each tire according to the condition of each axle's weight. It is worth noting that tires on the same axis must have the same tire pressure. In the daily driving process, it is also necessary to check regularly to ensure the normal use of the mixer tires.

Due to the resistance of the tire during operation and the ground, the temperature of the tire rises, and the tire pressure increases, which easily leads to puncture. Now the market is more popular to add nitrogen to tires, Xiao Bian believes that this is a good solution.

Note: During tire inflation, it is necessary to do its own protective work. This is a very dangerous thing.

4. To be a "dynamic balance" is actually a key

Anyone who has ever driven a mixer knows that the tyre needs to be "dynamically balanced". However, most people should think that it is not necessary for the mixer tires to be "dynamically balanced." This is not right. From the manufacturing process, the density of steel rings and tires is not 100% identical during the production process. As a result, various parts of it produce different centrifugal forces during high-speed operation and are transmitted to the tires, resulting in tire wear. Uneven; pass to the body, causing the mixer to tremble. In order to drive comfort and safety; reduce operating costs, Xiao Bian suggested that after each tire, give your tires a "dynamic balance"!

5. Buy mixer tires, pay attention to specifications is very important

When buying a mixer tire, pay attention to the model number marked above, as simple as: 1200R20 (there are many other indications on the tire, such as tire pressure, speed, etc. For reasons of space, we will not repeat them here), 1200 is the tire cross-cut The face is 12 inches; R is a meridian structure, typically a full steel wire; 20 is a 20 inch hub. When buying, be sure to pay attention to your truck's load, road conditions, etc. to buy the tires. Here, Xiao Bian suggests that you and your friends should try their best to choose a better tire if the economy allows. This will not only guarantee safety and after-sale protection, but will also reduce the safety and cost of the truck.

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