· China South Locomotive established the first supercapacitor research institute in China

On August 15th, CSR announced the establishment of China's first supercapacitor research institute, which specializes in research and development of high-energy, low-cost new supercapacitors. It aims to become the largest and most powerful supercapacitor R&D institution in the Asia-Pacific region within five years. Zhou Qinghe, executive director and general manager of CSR Zhuzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., said that the research and development of new supercapacitors is the key project of CSR's “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and the key area for the National Development and Reform Commission to plan energy conservation and emission reduction.

In 2012, CSR Zhuji Co., Ltd. established Ningbo CSR New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ningbo CSR New Energy Co., Ltd.), specializing in the research and development of supercapacitor electrodes, supercapacitor cells and supercapacitor energy storage systems. At present, Ningbo CSR New Energy Co., Ltd. has established a supercapacitor automatic production line, and has produced supercapacitor monomers of 3000F and 7000F. In this technology, in order to develop new products such as supercapacitor cells with higher power and higher specific energy, to meet the diversified market demand, the supercapacitor research institute was born.

The Supercapacitor Institute has absorbed top experts from Japan, Korea and China in energy storage materials, energy storage devices, energy storage systems applications, and has become the largest and most powerful supercapacitor R&D institution in the Asia Pacific region within five years.

The research and development of key technologies for new supercapacitors undertaken by the Supercapacitor Research Institute has been approved by the national “863 Project”. The 8000F organic electrolyte system developed by the project has the largest double-capacitor supercapacitor monomer in the world, and its performance requirements for working voltage and power supply. The project is expected to be completed in 2015, when the Chinese will be able to enjoy green transportation products such as rail transit vehicles, new energy vehicles and solar energy equipped with new supercapacitors. In addition, the Supercapacitor Institute has also undertaken a CSR technology innovation project, a key research project in Ningbo, and more than 10 enterprises with higher energy density and power density, which is more representative of electric vehicle auxiliary power or main power. High-tech self-financing research projects.

  According to the temperature change of the working environment, the thermostat will have some physical deformations within the switch, resulting in some special effect. The thermostat will cause a series of automatic control element of turning off and turning on, which is also called temperature control switch, temperature controller, temperature protector, referred to the thermostat. Through thermal protector, the temperature protector will send the temperature to the thermostat and the thermostat will send the commands to control the operation of the device in order to achieve the desired temperature and the energy saving effect. Now the thermostat are widely used in thermostat application appliances, motors, cooling, heating and many other products.

  The working principle of the thermostat is automatically sampling, real-time monitoring through the temperature sensor. The control circuit starts when the ambient temperature is higher than the control set point. If the temperature still rise, when the temperature rose to over-limit alarm set point, the thermostat start limit alarm function. When temperature control can not be effectively controlled in order to prevent destruction of the device also can be stopped by the trip device features continue to run.

  According to the function of the working,the thermostat have different types:Intelligent Thermostat,Remote Controlled Thermostat,Programmable Thermostat,Wireless Room Thermostat.

Room Thermostat

Room Thermostat,Auto Thermostat,Intelligent Thermostat,Remote Controlled Thermostat,Programmable Thermostat,Wireless Room Thermostat

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