Shenzhou 9 Astronaut Dragon Diver Received 2012 “Touching Shanxi” Characters

Shenzhou-based astronaut Zhanglong Divers won the 2012 "touching Shanxi" character diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-09

One pair is above nine days and one is in the deep sea of ​​10,000 meters. On the 8th, late at night, the "Shenzhou 9" astronauts Jing Haipeng and Liu Wang and Liu Longzhou, a fellow of the same dragon who was a fellow from Shanxi, participated in the "Touching Shanxi" award ceremony in Taiyuan, Shanxi.
The three people jointly won the special prize of "Touching Shanxi". On June 15, 2012, China’s “Dragon” submersibles came to the Mariana Trench for a 7,000-meter dive test. After 15 days, they returned to a depth of 7,062 meters. On the second day after the "Dragon" dive, the "Shenzhou Nine" manned spacecraft was launched, carrying three astronauts flying for the first time, and returned to the ground after traveling for 13 days in space. China's "Going into the sea" in 2012 has attracted worldwide attention.
The three rural children from Shanxi Province have grown up to represent the nation’s dream leader. Rarely on the same stage, Jing Haipeng, who once carried the spacecraft into space, twice said with emotion: “The landscape of my hometown raised three of us and I finally found a sense of down-to-earth on my hometown.”
Liu Kaizhou, who first won the award, came from a poor farmer in Jincheng, Shanxi Province. He is now an associate researcher at the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He spoke Mandarin in a thick Shanxi accent and recalled several times when his mother died.
“My mother is an ordinary rural woman. We have four brethren in our family. Three of them are admitted to college. In the process of our growing up, the mother and father said more than one sentence is that they must make their children read and not let They should be blind and give great pains to our growth, and in a place far from the sea, cultivate a talent who deals specifically with the sea and the deep sea. However, she died in 2009 when she accidentally died unexpectedly. one person."
Jing Haipeng is from Guan Gong's hometown in Yuncheng, Shanxi. “The essence of Guan Gong culture is loyalty, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, faith, and courage. I have been deeply impressed in my young mind.”
“A return to yesterday is like returning to yesterday.” Jing Haipeng recalled the playground in the middle school era, the golden wheat field on the roadside, and the scent of mutton that occasionally can be eaten and won the championship with his teammates. Situation. "This period of time is unforgettable, makes us strong, and has tempered my will."
He used his life experience to encourage students to cherish a beautiful time, cherish a happy life, cherish the conditions for superior education, study and study again, work hard to work hard, persist in persisting, returning to society, and serving the country.
Liu Wang is from Shanxi Pingyao, the hometown of Shanxi Merchants. Historically, Shanxi merchants have worked hard at home and abroad with hard-working, perseverance and perseverance. Liu Wang jokingly said, "There is an old saying in my hometown that if there is a place for sparrows, there are people in Pingyao. After performing the flying mission from me, this sentence has changed, and it has become a place where there is no sparrow."
For many years, he has not returned to his hometown. He has been deeply impressed by the changes in the environment because of the abundant homeland where the coal had been ecologically damaged. “The green in Shanxi is getting more and more concentrated, and the sky in Sanjin is really getting blue.”
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