Shell leads high-end lubricants market Shanghai R&D center put into operation within two years

The world's oil giant Shell frequently swaggered in China. In August this year, it will build a 7th lube oil blending plant with a capacity of 300 million litres. The Global Gasification Business Unit, the Global Unconventional Gas and Coalbed Methane Center will also move from the Netherlands to Beijing. . At the recent 2012 Shell Lubricants Technology Summit, Wu Ruizhen, vice president of Shell's Asia Pacific/Middle East commercial fuels and lubricants business, revealed that Shell will invest US$100 billion in upstream and downstream businesses worldwide over the next two years. (Shanghai) Technology R&D Center will be put into operation in 2014.

At present, the Chinese lubricants market is the fastest growing market in the world. Experts expect that China's lubricant consumption will surpass the United States by 2020 and become the world's largest lubricant market. Shell has completed and commissioned six lubricants blending plants in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, accounting for one third of its global blending plants. With an annual output of 1.5 million tons, it ranks first in China's high-end lubricants market. As Shell invests more than US$1 billion a year to promote R&D and innovation of lubricants, greases, and base oils, its production of lubricants has always had an obvious price/performance advantage. 2012 Shell Industrial Lubricant Technology Summit takes the theme of “Leading ahead and winning together together” as the theme, embodying the concept that Shell Lubricants is creating value with cutting-edge technology for customers. A number of senior leaders from Shell Lubricants attended the summit and Shell's technical experts conducted full exchanges with partners from all walks of life. According to reports, Shell Lubricants will introduce a new product with superior anti-emulsifying properties next year, which will prevent abrasion and abrasion of the tooth surface, and can be widely used in the fields of construction machinery, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding machinery, etc. Because this oil can be recycled, it reduces the cost of use for the user. Dr. Selda Gunsel, Vice President of Shell Global Commercial Technology, said that the reason why Shell achieved its achievements in the field of industrial lubricants today is that it has strong research and innovation capabilities, the second is to provide efficient and practical solutions, and the third is to focus on the development of high-quality Partnerships include the discovery of top OEMs, customers, and research institutions. An executive from a large state-owned enterprise believes that oil is the blood of industry and Shell's technological innovation is the common asset of the industrial lubrication industry worldwide. As a partner of Shell Lubricants for many years, Ferrari also sent an F1 racing car, which helped the Shell Technology Summit.

Shell Group, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, consists of the merger of Royal Dutch Petroleum and British Shell, and is the world's leading producer of oil, natural gas and petrochemicals. It is also the world's largest manufacturer of automotive fuel oil and lubricants. In July of this year, Fortune China released the 2012 Fortune 500 list. Shell surpassed Exxon Mobil and Wal-Mart to top the list.

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