Hubei brave mother cuts liver and saves 48 people's congress representatives donate more than 60,000 yuan

Hubei brave mother cut livers and rescued 48 celebrity deputies donated 60,000 yuan diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-10

Yichang, January 10th Hubei Yichang A 5-year-old child is pregnant as a pregnant woman, and her mother Yuan Yan went to Tianjin to save the liver. It was learned that there were still tens of thousands of yuan in operating expenses. On January 9, Yichang District, Yichang District, 48 representatives of the National People's Congress helped and paid 61880 yuan. At 22 o'clock that night, the operation was successful and the mother and child were safe.
It is understood that because of congenital biliary atresia, 5-year-old Xicheng Qin belly is as big as 7 months pregnant women, to save his son, his mother Yuan Yan made a brave decision - go to Tianjin to save the liver. At the end of last year, Yuan Yan and her husband Xi Changjun took Xiao Chengqin to Tianjin First Central Hospital. However, the entire transplant operation requires a cost of nearly 200,000 yuan, so that the couple can do nothing.
After donations from Tianjin and Yichang, Yuan Yan and her mother had a gap of 70,000 yuan in surgery. When Liu Hongfu, party secretary of Yiling District, who was participating in the Third Meeting of the Fifth Session of the People's Congress of Yichang City, was immediately informed, he immediately summoned representatives from the participating organizations to make donations.
On the morning of the 9th, 48 delegates took advantage of the conference's midfield break to help and receive donations of RMB 61,880. Liu Hongfu also stated that he will continue to pay attention to the illness of Xiaocheng Chin in the future, and has already included Xiaocheng Qin as a target for serious illness.
In the morning, this donation was sent to Yuan Yan’s bank card. At 22 o'clock that night, the good news came from Tianjin: The operation was successful and the mother and child were safe.
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