Do not fear the problem of preheating the engine in Yan Hanxi’s cylinder

In December 2012, the Liaoning region ushered in the once-yearly low-temperature climate, with the minimum temperature reaching -25 degrees, the vast land covered by ice and snow. Such a harsh low-temperature environment is a huge challenge for the cold start of light truck engines . A lot of engine manufacturers in China are trying to solve this problem, but they have had little effect. Xichai stood out from the competition among hundreds of companies and cracked this problem.

This time, Xichai launched six Conway 4102 medium-cooled booster cylinder preheating vehicles in Liaoning for cold start verification. After two weeks of follow-up verification and multiple cold start tests, it proved to be the lowest temperature in the early morning - From 22 to -25 degrees, the vehicle started normally.

Users appreciate greatly the reliability and advancement of Xichai's latest cold start technology. As a result, the brand image of Xichai Conway's engines has been greatly enhanced, and it has been laid for the mass production of Xichai 4102 cold-pressurized cylinders in preheated cars in Liaoning. A solid foundation.

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