CNHTC 2013 Supplier Business Conference Held in Hangzhou

On January 12, 2013, CNHTC Motor 2013 Supplier Business Conference was held in Hangzhou. Over 350 suppliers from more than 200 supporting companies attended the meeting.

Leaders of the relevant departments of the power plants of China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan, Hangzhou Engine Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Power Design Institute attended the meeting. Zhu Ziquan, Assistant President and Senior Engineer of CNHTC Group, was invited to the meeting. The conference was chaired by Xing Zhong, chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Hangzhou Engine Co., Ltd.

Assistants to the General Manager of CNHTC Jinan Power Division Zhang Lianggang, CNHTC Jinan Power Deputy General Manager Jiang Ailiang, and China Typhoon Hangzhou Engine Co., Ltd. General Manager Yu Jianjiang gave the 2012 annual supporting work report, 2012 annual quality work report, and engine Supporting work to implement logistics optimization, circular picking arrangements. Wang Deqian, general manager of CNHTC's Jinan Power Division, read out a commendation of the supplier units that had achieved remarkable results in 2012. Ten supplier units were awarded the title of “Excellent Supplier” and 12 units were awarded the title of “Excellent Partner”. .

Hu Bokang, Assistant President of CNHTC Group and Chairman of Jinan Power Department, reviewed the engine supporting work in 2012, analyzed the industry situation in 2013, and put forward requirements for further new year work.

In 2012, the power system of CNHTC Group produced and sold 99,596 615-series engines throughout the year. While guaranteeing the demand for engine loading within the group, it also sold 15,000 sets of engines outside the group. Although all major indicators have declined, according to the strategic deployment of the group companies' "turning modes, adjusting the structure, and realizing the truth", the power system has achieved the transition to quality and efficiency in the shortest time and in the most effective way. Not only did it keep pace with the group companies in the new development model, but it also steadily promoted the Mann project, improved the quality management model, and improved the management of accessory parts.

In 2013, the power system will fully implement the strategic deployment of the group companies, aim to build an international enterprise, adhere to the core concept of “scientific development, rational management, careful operation, and achieve the best benefits” and establish “doing a good job of products and doing The objective of striving for product quality and achieving brand value is to regard quality improvement as the top priority for system work, to practice hard, to focus on quality, efficiency, management, brand promotion, and to fully implement the third phase of “second venture”. Work, focusing on advancing the work in six areas.

The first is to plan and establish a management system and a predictive working mechanism that are close to the international level, and use the “order + minimum reserve period” plan model to scientifically schedule production to ensure the rationality and seriousness of the production plan. Carry out analysis of the supply cycle and rationalization of the amount of varieties in advance. Collaborate with various suppliers to do a good job in supporting resources and organize carefully. Plan the emergency response plan for supporting production resources in advance in order to ensure that the supply of components will not affect the engine. Product order delivery.

The second is to further strengthen the construction of the supplier system so that the overall quality level of the components in 2013 will be significantly improved, through the strengthening of the supplier's manufacturing process, the evaluation of the second party's manufacturing process, the increase of the qualification rate for the inspection of the matching products, the refinement of the supplier performance evaluation, and the continuation of the Strengthen the high-level interview mechanism with suppliers, strengthen the five measures of after-sales management and service, and extend the quality control of accessories to a deeper level.

The third is to launch new measures to improve quality, consolidate existing product quality levels, achieve landmark progress and breakthroughs, and achieve "best in the industry." To focus on the T13 quality objectives, focus on customer satisfaction and management innovation, actively respond to and implement the company's various quality management measures and work arrangements, maintain the steady improvement of the quality of the 615 series diesel engine, carry out quality research on typical faults, and ensure quality improvement measures. Implemented in place, improved and effective; ensure the smooth production of the MC series engine and the stable quality of the product after batch production; focus on the quality of the gas engine and remanufacturer.

The fourth is to optimize logistics and promote the construction of information systems. The power system will continue to do a good job in logistics planning according to the requirements of the group company, promote the optimization of the supply chain logistics model, and use information technology to achieve smooth and efficient logistics between power system units. In terms of logistics optimization, it is necessary to implement a circular pick-up to strengthen the logistics management during the delivery of the kit. Recycling the goods not only shortens the transportation time of the goods, saves the transportation costs, but also greatly reduces the risk in the process of product delivery. In terms of material management, we must continue to promote the construction of informatization systems, adopt a multi-level bar code system to achieve the full-process indexing of related products, ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of on-line settlement, quality traceability, automatic verification of line-side materials, etc.; Inventory reserve period, the implementation of age management, implementation of "first-in, first-out"; to standardize reverse logistics management, improve the relevant systems and processes to reduce process losses.

Fifth, reduce costs and increase efficiency, maintain market share, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. We must stick to efficiency as the central task, establish a scientific and effective budget accounting system and process control, and make efforts to reduce costs and control costs. First, push back the cost according to the bottom line plan, make the budget more scientific and rational on the basis of careful analysis, and take effective measures to realize the benefits. The second is to give consideration to the quality and economic benefits of key accessory products, and to make reasonable arrangements and adjust them in a timely manner based on the price and share of the procurement package. Third, scientific arrangements for inventory, logistics, strict control of inventory and work-in-use funds. The fourth is to promote the supplier's supporting cost management. The fifth is to open up new ways to reduce production costs through technological transformation. The use of new technologies, new processes, and new materials to improve product technology content, focus on process technology reforms, optimize the existing level of technology, fundamentally reduce the consumption of raw materials, while achieving product quality objectives, while ensuring the realization of cost control objectives.

Sixth, we are striving for excellence to make the MC series engines the first brand of heavy truck power in China. At present, the Mann project is actively advancing as planned. It has already had mass production capacity through multiple rounds of antenatal zip training. We must continue to work at a high starting point, high standards, and go deep into the Mann Project. We must strengthen the brand positioning of “Unmatched Mann Engine” and go all out to strengthen the management of the entire new product process. We must set a goal to ensure world-class standards and adopt a scientific and rigorous approach to improve our overall performance. The power system technology, quality and management level are moving forward to the world advanced level. It is hoped that relevant suppliers will actively cooperate with our zipper production in January, and with a strong sense of mission and sense of urgency, they will concentrate their efforts on carrying out the work, strictly implementing the zip code plan, and ensuring that production tasks are completed on time.


For the power system itself, to build China's CNHTC's own brand, we must strictly implement the Mannheim product quality standards, do a good job of product quality, process parameters and other benchmarking, strengthen process monitoring and detail management, never Reduce standards, strictly control the entire process, ensure the seriousness of process execution, and ensure product quality is stable. Must learn from the management experience of MAN, set up a management platform according to international standards, use the IMS system to reintegrate the information resources of MC engine production, use information flow to promote the optimization of value streams, improve the level of rapid decision making, and establish a rapid scientific response. Mechanisms, high standards, and production project logistics management of the Mann project to fully realize the intelligent control of production logistics. We must continue to implement lean management, must operate in accordance with international standards from the systems, processes, and work standards, and constantly digest and absorb advanced management concepts and working methods. We must ensure that world-class equipment always maintains first-class processing accuracy. The company's production line equipment system-wide management, the establishment of equipment health records, in the use of the process to focus on preventive maintenance, improve maintenance, in-depth analysis of equipment FMEA activities, so that first-class equipment always maintain a good process capability. It is necessary to strengthen employee training in all aspects, focus on systematic and all-round training at different levels and in different sequences, and at the same time innovate training methods, pay attention to multi-energy training, ensure production needs, and build a staff with leading skills and high quality. .

For Mann suppliers, being able to be selected as the world's advanced engine accessory is not only an approval of the company's products, but also an approval of the company's manufacturing level and its control and control capabilities. All suppliers need to raise awareness and attach great importance to the work of the Mann project. They also use the sense of urgency to “do not wait for the day, just in time” to implement the personnel guarantees, equipment guarantees, management guarantees, curing procedures, and product technical requirements related to the Mann project. A high starting point controls product quality and ensures that the quality of the MC series engines at the time of batch production is up to the level of the Man Company; Strictly fulfilling the confidentiality provisions in the Mannequin Parts Purchase Agreement signed by both parties, safeguarding CNHTC's rights and interests and safeguarding the common interests of both parties. The relevant suppliers must adhere to high-quality products to enhance their core competitiveness, enhance their ability to respond quickly, seize opportunities, seize business opportunities, strengthen their own management, and continue to strengthen mutual relations so as to achieve a win-win situation. At the same time, we must eliminate those suppliers that are unable to keep up with the times with China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (Sinotruk), provide services that are not available, have unstable quality, are not serviced, and are not actively developing new products.

Hu Bokang concluded that the development of China National Heavy Duty Power could not be supported by the vast number of suppliers as always. In the new year, we hope to continue to deepen the purchase price, product quality, supply cycle, after-sales service, and new product development. Strengthen cooperation, attach great importance to product quality, strictly control the cost and price, enhance the punctuality of delivery and after-sales service awareness, and make common progress and common growth with China National Heavy Duty Truck and Sinotruk's power business to achieve the maximization of common interests.

The conference also held a special meeting. The Jinan Power Department and the Hangfa Company respectively conducted a new year's work exchange with suppliers of matching parts, and put forward requirements for strengthening the work of the new year.

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