The first batch of 4S shop operations management promotion of heavy truck successfully piloted

China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (SINOTRUST) scored two 4S stores, Qingdao Shengtonghua and Longxin Weiye, both of which were the first batch of pilot operations. Both stores scored a score of 108 (out of 125). The inspection team consists of marketing department, sales department and local branch companies. The pilot operation of the 4S store operation management standard is the first time since the heavy truck construction and development of the 4S store in 2003, it has performed the supervision and inspection of the internal and external image and internal management of the 4S store for the first time. This activity is not only the implementation of the company's marketing network upgrade project, the specific performance of the steel network with the characteristics of heavy truck, but also promoted the self-inspection and promotion of the internal management of Sinotruk 4S shop, which is conducive to the healthy and stable development of 4S stores. . The first batch of 4S store operation and management pilot units totaled 10, and SINOTRUK will score other 4S stores in the near future and give certain rewards based on the score results.

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