Electrowinning is different from the anode of the electrolysis is not the same, the electrolysis is soluble anode, which is a crude metal (e.g., crude copper) made, when energized electrolysis, the anode is gradually dissolved. The electrowinning is an insoluble anode. When the electrolysis is perf
1. Cobalt oxide Cobalt can form three oxides: CoO, Co 3 O 4 , Co 2 O 3 . The first two are stable, the latter can only exist below 3oO °C. CoO 2 can only be produced in an anodic oxidation process, often in the form of aqueous hydroxides. (a) CoO: It is the final product of cobalt carbonate or
(3) Adhesive sorting In the adhesion sorting, the air is mixed with the liquid in a dispersed state, and the gas is dissolved under the pressure generated by the liquid self-weight (this pressure can reach 600 kPa), and in the subsequent depressurization process. It is also precipitated to form bub
The copper or copper oxide-containing waste, leaching by ammonium carbonate solution under blast conditions, copper ammonium carbonate complex to form copper into solution, after addition of impurities leaching solution purification, to obtain a pressurized hydrogen reduction of copper; or purifica
Zigbee's general Internet of Things language used as a communication between interoperable devices is gaining momentum. In addition to the first batch of 20 certified zigbee compatible platforms (the core technology components of zigbee products) announced last year, we announced that zigbee is
The rise of WiFi technology has greatly changed people's work and life. WiFi is currently covered in most work areas, public places, and homes, allowing mobile devices such as mobile phones to access the Internet anywhere, anytime. How is WiFi implemented? Most WiFi networks, especially corpor