C [Chemical composition] There are few pure components, and often contain a large amount (10% to 20%) of various impurities such as clay , asphalt, and SiO 2 , Al 2 O 3 , FeO and other oxides. Figure Z-8 Crystal structure of graphite (2H polytype) (quoted from Pan Zhaoyu et al., 1993) [Crystal s
In complex and changeable streets, or unpredictable mountain roads, for your own safety, you can only reduce the speed of the car, reduce the inclination of the car, control your right hand, limit your passion, if you can not accept your heart, ride The express train will be very dangerous, so there
“All stories start with an ambition.” For the manufacturing industry, companies must also be sincere about their products and their end markets before their big ambitions. All stories start with an ambition In June 2017, with the successful offloading of heavy-duty engine produc
Now that gasoline is getting more expensive, motorcycles can't be burned quickly, so how to make motorcycles fuel-efficient has become a big issue. If you want to save fuel, good technical status is definitely a must. Today we will talk about how to save fuel from the perspective of motorcycle m
Introduction: The purchase of multi-functional power meters should be based on formal large-scale manufacturers. Some buyers have high requirements on quality. When selecting, multi-functional power meters should be inspected from various aspects. Multi-function power meter refers to mult
SAIC Hongyan boldly launched a young, personalized automotive engineering designer. This time it was an insight at the 17th Shanghai International Auto Show. The two Jieshi C500 series on display at Hongyan, one is an 8x4 freight train with a central axis, and the other is a 4*2 tractor, which is