At 12 o'clock on the afternoon of June 16, 2016, Shanghai Disneyland officially opened. Shanghai Disneyland costs US$5.5 billion and covers an area of ​​963 acres, which is three times that of Hong Kong Disneyland. There is also the possibility of expansion in the future. Vi
The battery of the sewer truck is used by the vehicle to start the engine and provide additional power to the engine, lights, and accessories. Sometimes it also supplies power to the car's electronic system. Sewage vehicles need to consider many factors
Caigang Fang mine grounding engineering, Zhengzhou Leidi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. technical personnel to remind you to pay attention to the following aspects, so that you can effectively prevent people or building damage caused by lightning. When the location, height and other conditions of
At the 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, WACKER launched a number of new LUMISIL silicone elastomers for LED manufacturing. Among them, LUMISIL 650 is a conventional refractive index (RI1.41) silicone material for LED packaging. It has excellent aging and high temperature resistance
The inspection vehicles are classified according to their functions and uses. The classification is also wide. There are bridge inspection vehicles, road detection vehicles, track inspection vehicles, drug inspection vehicles, road surface inspection vehicl